A humanoid robot in Lyon-Villeurbanne Médipôle

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Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne is the first private healthcare facility in France to house a humanoid robot. Purpose: To entertain and soothe the anxiety of hospitalized children.

The idea comes from Xavier Claris, managing director of Medipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne: “If only Distract hospitalized children so that this moment does not cause anxiety. It’s a great honor to think that this donation could offer them a little bubble of happiness.” This operation is funded by Christophe Coquerel, the founder of Oscar Développement. The Pepper robot was christened OSCAR.

This robot is programmed to accompany the child from his arrival at the hospital to the operating room. He will be there to comfort, inform and entertain both him and the parents. He will also be there to inform the child and parents about the stages of hospital stay. Oscar can talk and communicate with the child. For example, it gives reassurance before the operation. : “I’m waiting for you here, see you later” or after the operation: “Nice to see you again, we’re going to get you a snack.”

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Thanks to this robot, the child relaxes and worries less. This makes it easier for caregivers and doctors to work. Oscar has many functions: turn on music, dance, read a story or play on its touchscreen. Before the boy leaves, he is given a bravery diploma and Oscar offers him a selfie.

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Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne was the first private healthcare provider in France to use this robot to reduce the anxiety of children and their parents, thereby facilitating the care of the healthcare team.

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Source From: Google News

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