A solid foundation to enter working life with CCI’s superior school

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Interview with Alexandre Huau-Armani, director of the Ecole Supérieure de la CCI Portes de Normandie.

What does your school offer?

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We have been serving for 35 years apprenticeship or training to work in the tertiary sector without registration or tuition fees. Where our campus is located Evreux, but especially in Eure we have seven antennas. Vernon (Space Campus) and Louviers.

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We have a panel of 21 recognized diplomas from BTS to Masters in areas such as management, commerce, communication, human resources, environment… We offer a local solution for young people who want to study in the department.

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What training do you offer?

This year we established a BTS Environmental services professions that make it possible to respond to current challenges. The aim is to present the keys to participating in sustainable development with a 360-degree vision (transportation, urban planning, etc.).

Our training courses evolve according to needs. At the beginning of the 2023 academic year, we will establish a Master’s degree at Grande École and a Master’s degree in Management Control and Organizational Audit. Our BTS has had some success in communication. These training courses are delivered by professionals from relevant industries.

What are the advantages of work study training?

After baccalaureate, many leave their studies early and are not necessarily prepared for post-baccalaureate life. In our school, we provide training while working with a diploma as a bonus. Young people are not on their own. Here we accompany them on their journey.

Companies are looking for work study candidates

In addition, companies want to hire work-study students and we work with them to learn about their expectations and meet their needs: a tailor-made course. You should know that an employer enjoys an advantage when hiring a work-student: In the first year, 100% of the salary is covered by the State. Second year, 50%.

Which audience are you targeting? Is there a maximum age to take the courses?

There is no age to go back to school. Today, we train 650 job-training students and 400 job seekers for short-term education. We adapt to the student, their needs and wishes. One month at the company, one week, two days at school and the rest at work: It is possible to choose the frequency of your training.

In addition to post-baccalaureate students, we also train job seekers together with Pôle Emploi. Courses usually last between 3 and 6 months. We can also validate the experience gained (VAE) for those who have previously worked towards obtaining a certificate diploma and why not help them achieve their professional retraining.

Which employers do you work with?

We mainly work with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and communities. Some of our students signed a work study contract with the largest local companies such as Safran, SKF and for Naval Group across the region such as Cherbourg.

on-demand training

Our training courses are developed according to demand. Working with institutions, we identify missing quotas and train students accordingly.

Why should you choose ESCCI over any other organisation?

At our school, 92% of students graduate and 91% find a job within six months. These success rates are a sign of know-how. Currently, work-study education is popular and some centers take advantage of this financial contingency to begin with, sometimes without facilities and inexperience (education centers receive compensation for each student trained, editor’s note).

Sometimes they don’t share success rates and that’s exactly where you should look. Before committing it is essential to know the school well and not react to marketing operations to attract new hires.

What are your plans for the Vernon site?

Our Vernon branch mainly welcomes job seekers, but as the second largest city in Eure it seems very important to us to invest more here and offer more education to students. Every three to four years we prepare a school project that allows us to develop a strategy for the years to come.

The last one is coming to an end soon. As a Vernon native, I see the potential of this city and want our organization to be firmly rooted in the industry. This will be one of the objectives of the foundation project.

Courses offered at school

– Management-trade-sales-distribution
BTS Negotiation digitization customer relations, BTS Operational commercial management
Bac+2 Business Unit Manager
Bachelor’s degree in Business Development with the option of real estate or banking and insurance
Undergraduate Retail Marketing Operations Manager
Bac+5 Marketing management and sales performance

– Management-Human Resources-Communication
BTS Support for management action
BTS SME Management
BTS Communication
Bac+2 Network systems technician
human resources license
Organization management license
Bac+5 Human Resources Manager
Master 2 Business Administration

– Quality security environment
BTS Environmental services professions
Bac+4 Quality Safety Security Environment Manager
Master 2 Business Management option QSE

– Procurement-Supply Chain
License Purchasing and Procurement Manager
Bac+5 Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager.


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