Firefighters: Pélicandrome crew member graduation ceremony in Cahors

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Sergeant Major Stéphane Rigal strengthens the team.

On Friday, August 5th, a friendly graduation ceremony was held at the Lot firefighters’ headquarters in Cahors. Operations Group head Lieutenant Colonel Jérôme Ferrage presented Sergeant Major Stéphane Rigal with the Pélicandrome crew diploma.

A professional firefighter is assigned to the Alert Processing Center as the Operator. Acquiring this skill strengthens the team of about twenty people who make up the specialized pelicandromic team, in addition to the integration of a volunteer firefighter (SPV) from the fire and rescue center (CIS) at the beginning of the year. Two SPVs (82) in Castelnau-Montratier and from CIS Montpezat-de-Quercy.

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The task of this team is to manage the ground refueling system for water and retarded water bombers (Canadair, Dash) at Cahors-Lalbenque airport. It is in charge of Lieutenant Jean-Claude Sadot. It should be noted that this device has been activated several times since the beginning of summer and especially in vegetation fires of Esclauzels and Calvignac. A preventive activation was also carried out within the scope of Gironde forest fires.

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An opportunity to remember that the lot department is currently at significant fire risk. Therefore, Lot firefighters remember common sense instructions such as:

– Do not light a fire or barbecue near forests.

Never throw your cigarette butts in the woods or out your car window.

– Do not work with materials that can cause fire (grinding, welding, etc.).

– Alert only in the event of a proven fire to avoid overloading telephone lines.

Photo François Gomez – Firefighters

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