Knights ready to face at medieval festival on Sunday

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Do you like fairy tales and legends, duels between knights or medieval customs and traditions? If so, the direction Hauville (Eure)near Bourg Achardthis Sunday, August 7, 2022, big and traditional medieval festival It was organized by the association Roumois Terres Vivantes in Normandy. The event takes place at the stone mill location. They will be able to discover and participate in a range of activities offered by visitors. Galea brothers and Proud Normanstwo local associations passionate about the period Middle Ages.

New: Trebuchet shot

“Bewitched by history, we meet regularly to share our research and fully understand this period. We are particularly interested in everyday life in the Middle Ages, and more particularly in the period from the 10th to the early 14th centuries.” Claire Eudeline, president of the Fratres Galea association, whose head office is located in Hauville on the site of the stone mill. Volunteers recreate scenes from period life and offer sword fighting and archery demonstrations.

Medieval culinary recipes will be prepared by volunteers from the Fratres Galea association
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For this new edition of the medieval festival, the association is the first to Trebuchet shooting show, this powerful war machine to send artillery shells. It was used in the Middle Ages to tear down walls or shoot bullets over the walls. Another innovation is the development of a field hospital to understand the care given to patients through medical places.

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A workshop on medieval town planning will have the theme of “City in the Middle Ages”. Siege weapon workshops, demonstrations and Bayeux embroidery initiations even a kitchen workshop. Note that in Latin, “fratres” and “galea” mean “brothers” and “helmet”, respectively.

artistic fencing shows

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The second association, “Les fiers Normans”, prepared a rich program with demonstrations of battle scenes with real weapons. Every Thursday evening, members specialize in the practice. medieval fencingtrain in the village hall Bourneville-Sainte-Croix :

We do artistic fencing works with real swords and wearing armor. You must know that all blows are struck.

Mathieu Saint-James, vice president of Fiers Normands

Equipped with a layer of armor or steel plate due to the medieval period (13th to 14th centuries), volunteers also rebuild medieval camps and allow them to explore the crafts of the time.

Hauville medieval festival

craft market

During the day, a craft market and many booths will allow visitors to learn about all the intricacies of the Middle Ages through a calligraphy workshop, book fair, woodcarving demonstrations, wooden weapon making, steel mesh or glass carving.

Many objects will be on sale: decorated horseshoes, handmade leather objects, handmade jewelry, herbs and flowers, Celtic ceramics, stones and candles… Not to mention local products such as honey, royal jelly, jam, spirits… Children can enjoy organized pony rides in the countryside surrounding the stone mill.

Sunday, August 7, 10:00 – 18:00, Hauville medieval festival, rue du moulin de pierre, 27350 Hauville. Admission: €4 for adults; €1 for teenagers aged 8 to 16 and free for children under 8. Free parking. Snack bar and on-site catering (few meals or picnic formula).

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