Arsenal: ‘He’s ready’, ‘A young Rio Ferdinand’, Saliba conquers them all

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Returning from a very convincing loan at Olympique de Marseille, William Saliba took his first tenure of the season with Arsenal in the opening game against Crystal Palace, which was won by the Gunners (0-2). The defender, who was named man of the match, impressed his English advisors and coach Mikel Arteta.

After years of waiting, William Saliba (21) has finally become a must-do item on Arsenal’s central hinge. Coming from Saint-Etienne at a gold price in 2020, the defender saw his progress hampered by a lack of playing time. The French doubled their credit to the OGC Nice and Marseille Olympics to harden up.

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It is full of confidence that Saliba, who has become the French international, is back at the Gunners. He started the Premier League’s opening game against Crystal Palace alongside 21-year-olds Gabriel and Ben White. Evidence of his good performance, former Saint-Etienne was named man of the match. With 67% of duels won, 6 wins, 7 comebacks and 94% accurate passes, Saliba did not miss the opportunity presented by Mikel Arteta and probably secured his place in the starting standings.

Arteta: “She’s ready”

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The agreement between Arteta and Saliba has not always been good. At the time of his loan to Nice in 2021, the Frenchman regretted that the Spanish mechanic had not given him the opportunity to show that he had the ability to win at Arsenal: “The coach evaluated me over two and half matches. He still chose to play with me to get me in rhythm, but no, he told me He said I wasn’t ready. I wish he’d given me a chance”, if he had trusted Top of the foot at RMC.

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Today the situation is different and Arteta tends to trust Saliba. After the success this Friday (0-2), the Spaniard was clear about his player’s status: “He has proven himself ready.” While praising the International’s performance: “You don’t really see a 21-year-old in the Premier League with this composure, this calmness and this stance against physical opponents.” Words that drove Saliba further away from returning to Marseille.

“Reminds me of a young Rio Ferdinand”

It’s not just Arteta and Arsenal fans who admire Saliba’s performance. On Sky Sports’ microphone, advisors and former defenders Jamie Carragher (Liverpool) and Gary Neville (Manchester United) greatly appreciated the Frenchman’s steadfastness. So much so that the former Red Devils side made a very flattering comparison to a Mancuni legend: “I was very impressed with Saliba. It made me think of a young Rio Ferdinand.”

It’s a huge compliment considering the English defender’s career and the mark he has left in the English championship. If Carragher hasn’t given himself to the comparison game, the former Reds see that “he’s very good and honors his role”. It is a good omen for the future, especially the World Cup is coming in the coming months.

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