Disney+: You can now call hero She-Hulk’s office!

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She-Hulk will premiere on Disney+ on August 18. And by the way, it is possible to call the young woman’s law firm.

She-Hulk will air on Disney+ on August 18. A new series from the Marvel universe that can seduce you. This is the cousin of our favorite green giant: the Hulk. You can call the office of the heroine, who is now a lawyer.

She-Hulk is coming to Disney+ soon

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A new series airs on Disney+ on August 18. This is She-Hulk. Fragment it was also a huge success on the internet. It should be said that this character is not known to everyone. He is the cousin of the green giant. The second is done pollute“.

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He becomes like him during a blood transfusion with his cousin to save him. While basic, The young woman is a simple lawyer. But now he will have to manage his emotions. But its The character really sucks. The actress relied on this.

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Actress entrusted to the empire. ” He’s not a trained fighter at alle ; you could tap someone and they’d fly away…he’s a lawyer, you don’t want to see him convict you”.

In other words, we see that the young woman has a character in the trailer. And the Hulk, his cousin, will train him to know how to control his moods and powers. In any case, Jameela will keep asking to be a lawyer despite his status.

And before the show aired on Disney+, You can search the office of the Marvel hero. And there is a real phone number for it. Searching for a superhero can be helpful sometimes. It can save your life. We tell you more.

You can call Jameela on the phone

There’s a phone number on the commercial poster for She-Hulk. And this number is correct. You could really call the young woman’s law firm. And it serves to promotion for the Disney+ series of course.

We can read on Marvel’s website that if you need a lawyer to right a wrong with superhero activity, you can call this number. Number ? 1-877-SHE-HULK. But still, this is a small reference.

Simply replace the letters with the corresponding numbers. This gives the end of the numbers: 743-4855. As such, it can keep you in touch with She-Hulk’s attorney. This is breaking the 4th wall. But you won’t be able to talk to him.

You will land directly on the answering machine of the latter. But the Disney+ actress will have her voice. And all the sentences have a reference to the Marvel universe. You can hear ” any asgardian god burning a giant footprint Privately owned every time he comes to Earth”.

These serials therefore it will be released on the platform on August 18. And for this series Jameela real sports training to do some stunts. So we expect a very good standard of quality. Additionally, we may discover a new hero.

So, now wait a few more days. Case to follow in a few days.

Source From: Google News

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