Horror in Pilar: A woman stabbed her 7-year-old daughter to death and then wanted to commit suicide

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The attacker was taken to the hospital in serious condition. They’re investigating if he has psychiatric problems.

The woman killed her daughter in a house on Calle Antonio Toro, 300 years old, in the town of Presidente Derqui.
The woman killed her daughter in a house on Calle Antonio Toro, 300 years old, in the town of Presidente Derqui.

Yesterday was a horrific afternoon in the town of Presidente Derqui in the Pilar district of Buenos Aires: a woman stabbed her seven-year-old daughter to death and tried to commit suicide after the brutal attack, but was admitted to Sanguinetti hospital in serious condition . They are now investigating whether the attacker suffered from any psychiatric pathology.

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The wild incident occurred in a house in Konya. At 300 Antonio Toro St.in cases that are still under investigation. According to reports, the mother attacked her own daughter with a knife while her husband was working in San Isidro. Seems like would make a surprise attack because the girl showed no signs of wanting to defend herself.

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According to information from the agency tamilThe victim and her mother were found by the woman’s brother-in-law when she entered the property, so they were both taken to a local hospital. The girl died a few minutes after her injuries, and the woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition.. Pilar Diario, in the local press, stated that the woman may have cuts on her arms, neck and chest.

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Police teams intervened while investigators were currently trying to determine whether the attacker was suffering from psychiatric problems. Relevant expert reports at the crime scene at the behest of Germán Camafreita, prosecutor of the Decentralized Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 2 in Pilar who described it as murder aggravated by the link.

Other brutal family crimes

Almost a month ago, the Florida town of Buenos Aires was the scene of violent domestic crime. a minor was also killed, the difference being that this time the attacker fulfilled the goal of taking his own life after the attack. .

There, a man, his wife, and their 7-year-old son were found dead in their home. As the hours passed, suspicions of a double murder followed by suicide emerged in a family. kissing was shown on social networks but where There were complaints of gender-based violence from 2021 .

happened in Julio Argentino A house found in 2100 in Roca. Sources revealed the identity of the victims as follows: Gabriel Eduardo Cáceres (44), his wife María Daniela Carco (44) and their son León Rafael Cáceres (7).

Discovery came from somewhere Call to 911 by a principal of Florida Crescent School which child participated. The woman realized that the student had not been to classes for three days and could not communicate with the family.

Therefore, and after obtaining a judicial permit, police personnel He entered the house with the help of a locksmith. and found three bodies. The bodies of the woman and boy also received several blows but were stabbed, reassured sources in the case. Data base. The kitchen knife in which the murders were committed was found at the scene.

Incident started to be investigated Vicente López Oeste Prosecutor Gastón Larramendi of the UFI, Who was in place to issue the first directives and oversee the work of the experts and the police? for the prosecutor Larramendi The murder of the woman was motivated precisely by gender violence.

Another mother who killed her daughter too

Less than two months ago, a woman in Paz, Cordoba, killed her 6-year-old daughter with a screwdriver and called the police to confess.

After the gruesome search, a patrol car drove to the house on Belgrano street. When the agents entered the property, they found a Dantesque scene. “The cell phone confirmed that the woman killed her daughter,” said Commissioner Gabriel Díaz, Head of the San Javier Department. Also, the commissioner said that the mother was injured: He had inflicted severe wounds on himself with the intention of taking his own life.

The woman was found injured in a room while holding a kitchen knife in one hand. The victim, meanwhile, was in an adjacent bedroom with no vital signs. He had wounds on different parts of his body and was accompanied by a bloody screwdriver. , who was kidnapped. This is believed to be the tool the mother used to commit the murder. Scientific Police personnel worked at the scene.

The case was investigated by the prosecutor of the city of Villa Dolores, Maria Eugenia Ferreyra . The identity of the woman has not been revealed so far. It is also unknown whether he has a history of domestic violence or mental health problems. It is only known that he is 39 years old.

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