Paulo Fonseca (LOSC): “We’re ready for this first game”

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Now twenty-four hours before LOSC’s return to Ligue 1, Paulo Fonseca was impatient and excited about the idea of ​​starting the championship. The Dogues coach gives secrets on a variety of issues, such as the goalkeepers hierarchy, Jonathan David, or the transfer window.

With the goalkeeper hierarchy in place, will Léo Jardim be number one this season?

I have no secrets about it. Tomorrow, Leo Jardim will begin. I trust my goalkeepers a lot and I’m pretty wide. I trust everyone. It’s a matter of experience, Lucas (Chevalier) is a good goalkeeper, I trust him. But we have to find the right timing for such players. He has no experience in Ligue 1, he had a good season last year but my choice for tomorrow will be Léo (Jardim).

Jonathan David was an eccentric on the right in the last game, is that something you’ll confirm tomorrow?

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An option for tomorrow yes. We tried Jonathan for this position. I’m happy because Jonathan is a very smart player and he knows the game, he knows how to get involved. Tomorrow we will definitely start with Jonathan in this position. As with the whole team, things are easy for Jonathan. Sometimes they have to make sacrifices to help the team. I don’t think it’s a sacrifice in this case because Jonathan understands the situation. She’s confident in this position, and so am I. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to play like that all season. I’m just thinking about tomorrow’s game.

What prompted you to try this repositioning?

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Like I said, Jonathan is a very smart actor. I love how it takes up space at the right time. It is very important for the team to find space. He has this ability.

Need some reinforcements in the middle with Amadou Onana’s departure?

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First of all, I wish Amadou good luck. He is a very professional player. Good luck with your new club as long as you don’t play against Lille like in training (laughs). We’re losing a key player, we’re working with the president and the club on the need to recruit, but today I’m focused on tomorrow’s game.

Is the team ready for tomorrow?

We are at the beginning of the season, we still need to improve. But I’m sure we respect Auxerre a lot, but I’m very confident because the players show me positive things in practice. I feel the team is growing and progressing. It is important for me to feel the trust of the players. We are ready for this first game.

Did you want to personally bring Ismaili, an actor you know well? When can he play with Lille?

Obviously not ready for tomorrow. He will be with us on the bench. If I need him, I’ll see if he can play, but he’s not ready to start yet. I know him well, he is an experienced player. It will be important to the team.

What are your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses?

We examined the opponent. They are a very motivated team, playing their first game in Ligue 1 for a long time. I think that’s a great motivation. They are very good players and well organized. What is hard to describe is that they are unpredictable in front of the goal. It is difficult to predict what they will do on offense. It is difficult to analyze. We are confident, but we want to win this first game.

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