Palermo: Ambulance to assist injured in accident, crossing red and killing a motorcyclist

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The accident occurred at the intersection of Niceto Vega Street and Godoy Cruz Street. “The emergency team drove around with the lights and sirens on,” SAME chief Alberto Crescenti said.

SAME ambulance involved in fatal accident in Palermo (archive photo)
SAME ambulance involved in fatal accident in Palermo (archive photo)

An ambulance on duty to assist those injured in the accident in Palermo, He ran a red light, hit a motorcyclist and died.

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The tragic event occurred at 06:15 this Saturday. The intersection of Niceto Vega street and Godoy Cruz street The motorcyclist—while circling around to ask for a pass without noticing the ambulance approaching—continued his walk and the fatal accident occurred.

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The SAME emergency team was on their way to Córdoba Street and Malabia Street to assist three women who suffered severe head injuries in an accident involving a drunken young woman.

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The incident in question occurred between a Volkswagen Suran and an Uber driver, with three passengers returning from the bowling alley; and a Volkswagen Goal, He was driven by a young woman who was noticeably drunk.

After the impact, Two of the teenagers traveling in Uber had to be transported to Fernández Hospital along with Gol’s driver. who will undergo a breathalyzer test to confirm those warned by police personnel.

Meanwhile, while Suran’s driver went into shock, the passengers were already infuriated by the recklessness. They would point out that the man was running a red light.

Three people were injured in the clash between a Gol and Suran in Malabia and Córdoba street.
Three people were injured in the clash between a Gol and Suran in Malabia and Córdoba street.

Before the injured were treated by doctors, the same ambulance sent to that destination was involved in the accident involving Niceto Vega.

This is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, trainee 381, which one hit Honda Tornado Domain Name A1190CL which was provoked by Jonathan Lacuesta Leal’s photo. He is 32 years old and resides in the city of Buenos Aires.

Although the motorcyclist was immediately transported to Fernández Hospital, doctors confirmed half an hour later that the injured man was dead.

When a cell phone from the City Police was found at the scene of the fatal accident, officers observed a motorcycle lying on the asphalt tape at the intersection of the aforementioned streets, or rather on Eighth Avenue, and a small pool of blood several feet tall. , without observing the injured person.

Minutes later, the SAME ambulance approached from the Bonpland base used by Daniel Nana, reporting that the driver of the motor vehicle collided with an ambulance and the injured person was taken to the nearest medical centre.

Paying attention to this, the police were present on Fernández’s cell phone and contacted the doctor on duty after learning what had happened. Have the ambulance driver take blood and urine analysis To determine if he or she has used alcohol or other substances. He tested negative himself.

in dialogue with TNAlberto Crescenti explained that the motorcyclist’s SAME mobile phone crashed into the driver’s side. So the ambulance was ahead at the intersection of the bends when the fatal collision occurred. According to the head of the emergency department, “He was walking around with pocket sirens and beacons.”

Case, Dr. Godoy and Dr. Vites’ Secretary remained in the possession of the 59th National Criminal and Correctional Court responsible for 74 and was labeled as follows: culpable murder.

Source: Info Bae

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