They arrested two teenagers accused of shooting a 12-year-old boy in the face in Ciudad Evita.

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The arrests took place in the nearby neighborhood of Villegas, where the incident took place. The case has returned to the jurisdiction of minors and investigative statements will be taken from them in the next few hours.

event scene
event scene

Buenos Aires Police arrested two boys, aged 16 and 17, accused of shooting a 12-year-old boy in the face at the La Matanza party Ciudad Evita. . Case as confirmed by sources information , the arrests took place in the nearby neighborhood of Villegas, where the incident occurred. After the suspects were arrested, the case turned to the judiciary of minors and passed to the prosecutor’s office. Emilio Spatafora In the next few hours he will take statements from the youth.

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For his part, the victim of the attack was hospitalized, Admitted to San Justo Italian Hospital and “doing well” said an investigator of the case information . last thursday prosecutor Fernando Garate responsible for the case before it falls under the jurisdiction of minors, He took his statement to describe the attack.

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In the incident related to this psychic, according to sources, the boy said: He was out of school and on his way home while listening to music with headphones. When Eva arrived at the corner of Perón and Maracaná streets at around 5:30 p.m., she felt: they touched her from behind ”. At that moment, turned around and got shot . Sequence it was a matter of seconds explained the boy. Also, he said “He did not understand the situation well because he was listening to music, he did not listen to them” .

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Investigators related to the incident reached the detainees through different security cameras, where the exact moment of the event is captured . Thus, detectives detected alleged criminals and has arrested them in the past few hours.

Medical center where the victim was taken to hospital
Medical center where the victim was taken to hospital

As far as we observed in the footage, they wanted to steal the backpack he was carrying and the bullet escaped. A detective told about the incident information .

After the attack, the child initially Jessica , employee of a chicken shop in the area. The witness explained: “I was working in the background, I heard the gunshot and didn’t see anyone at the door. I went out and I saw him lean against the wall and start losing blood from his mouth. ”. Realizing the severity of the wound, the woman covered the wound using her gown and stopped the bleeding.

This Thursday morning, the victim’s mother, Natalia, He went to personally thank Jésica for helping her son. They cried together and hugged each other.

Later on, the mother told the drama that the family lived : “I felt my world split in two; Even though they didn’t take my son from us, I feel like they let us down as a family, now nothing makes sense Why did they do this to him?

the woman said Not the first time the family has been exposed to an episode of insecurity . When they come to town robbed a truck at gunpoint . Tired of her lifestyle, she said with anguish: “We’ve been here for 4 years, we’re in debt with UVA loans, we work all day, I’m very stressed. But I said to my husband, ‘Let’s sell everything, hand over the house and go, I don’t want it anymore’”.

Source: Info Bae

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