The leader of the car-stealing gang got a tattoo on his leg

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He was arrested by the PFA’s Auto Crimes Division. She dyed her hair so that her identity would not be known.

Suspect arrested
Suspect arrested

Federal Police have arrested the leader of a criminal gang committed to car theft in the past few hours. Suspect identified one leg tattoo . The organization is accused of stealing vehicles and then falsifying and reselling its documents.

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The investigation began three months ago when one of his victims reported that his car was stolen at gunpoint. The only information provided by the complainant is, He stole it, he had a tattoo on his leg.

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With this information, detectives from the PFA’s Automotive Crimes Division began searching for the suspects. So, after he was identified, Federal detectives began to track him down. As mentioned, the band is believed to operate in neighboring countries.

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As such, the leader was found in a house in the Buenos Aires town of Del Viso. While investigators went undercover, the man left home in his Peugeot 308. At that time, the officers went to arrest him and the suspect, who had dyed his hair blonde. Escaped . after chasing him detectives managed to stop him .

Like this, The man was arrested and imprisoned in a dungeon for theft of cars and forgery of documents.

Vehicle seized by police
Vehicle seized by police

A few days ago, the Federal Police arrested Four suspects charged with forming a gang dedicated to kidnapping for ransom Y high end car theft In the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires.

The investigation began on 31 January. when two people They entered his home in Laferrere, the town of Buenos Aires in La Matanza. Then a group of criminals acted like a police officer caught them. They said they were looking for a relative.

Thus began the deception. The victims then went with fake police officers to look for that relative. Because he is not at home, criminals began to become more and more violent.

In this way, they put the victims in a vehicle and abducted them. They took them to a place where they were held captive, as they began their search for the family member they had gone to look for earlier. When they succeed in serving They demanded a ransom. The amount of money to free the two people held against their will was so high that it was impossible to collect.

So criminals They stole the victims’ belongings and also stole their cars . Then they were released.

Following the abduction, the victims filed a criminal complaint with Morón’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 3. Mariela Labozzeta Having technical support of the Federal Kidnap Unit for Extortion (Ufese), Santiago Marquevich .

Thus, prosecutor Labozzeta intervened. Federal Police Southern Anti-Abduction Unit, which started investigating what happened.

After examining the security cameras, transit data and different testimonies in the area, The detectives of the case managed to identify the members of the group. Thus, the prosecutor ordered Labozzeta Four raids in the town of Gregorio Laferrere in which four suspects were arrested.

Source: Info Bae

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