Giannis Antetokounmpo (Greece): “We are not ready for the medals yet” | Basketball Europe

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Greece is nervous as mega star Giannis Antetokounmpo (2.11m, 27 years old) joins the national team. But the actors are very cautious when we talk to them about the medals in the EuroBasket, starting with the person concerned.

“We are not a team yet,” says new coach Dimitris Itoudis. We miss Papagiannis, he is not training with us. No conclusion can be reached. Thanasis, Giannis and Tyler (Dorsey) started training on the 4th. Time is running out and we need every second. Frankly, the word podium is something that does not affect us. It touches us like an idea or a dream, but we didn’t come here to dream. »

Greek coach Giannis Antetokounmpo has this to say about his handling:

“To Giannis, you need to fit in with us. We are lucky and happy to have a world-class athlete. At the same time, we have a lot of good athletes in the European region who can create on their own. These two elements, leaving a good gap and what one can do on the field.” understanding, you have to get it together, either with Nick (Calathès) the ball in hand, or with Giannis, Kostas, Tyler. It takes practice, there’s no magic formula. Here it is on the pitch, replay, video, correction…”

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Same story on the double NBA MVP (2019 and 2020) side:

“Judging by yesterday’s training, we are not yet ready for a medal, but we have a chance. What the world is waiting for is what the team has been waiting for. In all the competitions I’ve participated in with Greece, we didn’t even make it to the quarterfinals. We are not ready for medals or cups. We have to create the chemistry and the right atmosphere. Let’s go and give our best. My realistic goals are “I have three weeks to connect. I will adapt to the expectations of the national team from me, not the other way around. Our coach (Dimitris Itoudis) is doing an incredible job and we have to do our best.”

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