A restoration project for the mill at the Perçin Monastery in Auros

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It’s called makeup! Built in the 15th century in Auros (Gironde), a true center of the Monastery for half a millennium, producing flour, bread and electricity respectively, until it was gradually phased out at the end of the last century, the Rivet mill was soon to be run by the Les Amis du Rivet association. Live a second life thanks to the renovation project.

This association works, among other things, to “restore and improve the entire heritage of the monastery,” recalls Charles de Montalier, the association’s vice-president and treasurer.

A common good to protect

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Secondly, he explains that this idea of ​​renewal was largely motivated by the following. 500 years of Auros celebrations In 2019, the association exceptionally opened the door to the mill and then recorded a remarkable “300 visits” at the end of the three-day festivities.

“On this occasion, we truly understood that this old mill could represent a common good for the people of the region, as it has shaped the local history somewhat through its activities and connection with the monastery. That’s why we decided to restore it in order to visit it sustainably and to preserve its structure. Very important for local collective memory. »

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So, in the last three years, the project to start work on rewriting the old building, which “slowly but surely damaged and deteriorated”, has been registered, relies on the pensioner. Roof, openings, water mechanism, wheat machinery, frame... Everything is more or less period and hence renewal.

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“The project has already started as the first step is to get the mill out of the water and then the roof has been renewed. Next comes the cleaning of the site and the interior work,” explains Charles de Montalier, stating that this is the first project of this scale for the association.

Contribution of the region

And he knows that to do that, he can count on the region’s contribution to move forward: “We’re lucky to have found a site manager, an architect, in the area. (in the person of Jean-Marie Billa) we even have links with a former carpenter and local reintegration structures to assist us. It pleases the vice president, who says he is open to all kinds of offers, especially volunteering (see box).

one hundred thousand euros

As for the question of eternal cost, the treasurer of the association puts it at more than one hundred thousand euros, this amount will be submitted to the Heritage Foundation for public assistance at the beginning of the school year. .

“For now, however, we rely on donations from generous individuals and will soon launch a more general appeal to our three hundred members.” Reminding that non-members can also donate to the project, Charles de Montalier announces.

The project should last “at least two years” and let it be said: There will be changes in the rivet factory!

Call for volunteers

Evidence of a project aimed at being human, Charles de Montalier wants to connect local residents and valley dwellers with the construction site: “I want to engage the local community voluntarily as part of the restoration. .

Especially if there were people from the village and the region who could come and help us in external cleaning, internal cleaning, aftercare, under the supervision of professionals every time, it would be something that would motivate us a lot! A dozen people anyway, that wouldn’t be bad. “. Call initiated!

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