Dislocated hip and severely injured: This is how the criminals fled the scene after being attacked by an unknown assailant in Quilmes.

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Prosecutor Jorge Saizar is trying to find the man who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy. The main hypothesis speaks of a man on a bicycle who, after resisting the robbery of youth, began to shoot. One of them was arrested this morning and refused to give details.

This is how the criminals escaped after the attack of the unidentified attacker

Video showing this note, Nazarene Juan Cruz “Convulsión” Mejías detained in the last hours, Together with his two 15-year-old accomplices, Augustine Dellie — who died soon after They escaped after being shot by an assailant, whose identity has not yet been determined, in the town of Quilmes in Buenos Aires.. It is seen in the images Dellie stumbled, her hip dislocated and she was badly injured. He is followed by other minors under the age of 15 who were hospitalized in serious condition due to the bullets he received and eventually emerged. “Convulsion” who runs and manages to escape.

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“Seizure” is exactly what was captured this morning. Now, the prosecutor in the case, Jorge Saizar —Quilmes’ UFI No. president of 5—supports main hypothesis to uncover the mystery surrounding the case: the person who shoots the youth who raid the crime.

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The incident occurred on Thursday morning, “The Watch,” when Dellie and her third accomplice stole a motorcycle. Warrior 150 cc to his neighbor. Criminals live in Quilmes. After they took him away, they went out to steal. First they met The 28-year-old woman, who was stopped at 4300 on Baranda Street, tried to steal her wallet. The victim resisted, called her father, and the residents started to turn on the lights in their homes to see what was going on. At that moment, one of the youths would shoot into the air. Later on, They fled before completing the robbery.

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According to the main suspicion, they tried to rob him a few blocks later. bicycle to a man. In this sequence, the victim is believed to have shot and killed the youth. Dillie and hurt his accomplice. After filming, the young people flee on foot, as seen in the footage of the security cameras he had agreed to. information .

According to the information currently available, 12 blocks from where the woman was approached, on Lugones street between San Martín and Moreno, Police were warned that two people with gunshot wounds and a motorcycle were lying in the middle of the street. the prosecutor came saizar, Intervening in Naval Province and Buenos Aires. There, they began a survey that the capsule being served was not found. They could not find witnesses who said that the incident took place at midnight and that they heard the sound of an explosion. That at least six shots were fired within a radius of not more than 700 meters.

    Nazareno Juan Cruz “Seizure” Mejías
Nazareno Juan Cruz “Seizure” Mejías

So far, the only thing found A bullet with a diameter of 9 millimeters hit the motorcycle used by the attackers. Two pistols were found a few meters away. 22 carats The numbering was suppressed, one apparently not working, and the other had three solid bullets and a percussion.

This morning, “Seizure” Mejias He was arrested. “Seizure” is an old acquaintance for researchers in the area. He became publicly relevant when he was arrested on October 13, 2021, as one of the main suspects in the murder. Lucas Ivan Cancino , 17-year-old stabbed in the chest during a robbery attempt in Ezpeleta . Prosecutor Saizar, after his arrest He received an investigative statement from her, but the young man refused to speak.

In this way, the detectives on the case try to find the man who shot the teenagers and killed one of them. According to them, the place where they will be shot has already been determined. Now they’re collecting witnesses and looking for security cameras to identify the man on the bike.

Source: Info Bae

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