She’s a collector and she shines every Saturday night with a fashion section showing her work.

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Their accounts on networks are called Nico Basura. Satisfied with the friendship that exists in his activity, he films his journey once a week with a professional camera, where jokes and laughter are not lacking. In her Dress Up With Me videos she invites you to discover her “outfits”, many of whom want to know where to buy clothes.

During the day, Nicolás Aquino walks the streets picking up bags left by street sweepers and shows off at his best before going to the dance on Saturday nights.
During the day, Nicolás Aquino walks the streets picking up bags left by street sweepers and shows off at his best before going to the dance on Saturday nights.

It all started seven months ago when Nicolás Aquino wanted to be a Youtuber. At that time, he watched videos with his girlfriend. Why? He could show off his job as a garbage collector like no one else had done before. It would be very original. Let’s suppose. Almost all accounts calling Nico Basura on different networks (Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch) soon attracted attention, because his hero knew how to immediately win the love of the audience. The curious thing is that the most watched videos are not those of her daily work. It also draws attention to the section. dress with me What do you do before you go dancing on Saturday nights?

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“You are a crackpot. Modest. Keep going and don’t change”, her followers encourage her, who does not shy away from displays of affection. Many say she made her day. Nico had been warned by her friends that she would be the target of criticism if she started uploading content to the networks, and she was already ready for it. But by now, All he gets is love. The last good thing that happened to him was when a girl invited him to watch the Boca game. And it reflects that he never imagined he would be known.

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Nick is 27 years old. He lives in the town of La Rana in the General San Martín region. Most of the videos he posts show his journeys as he picks up bags left by garbage collectors with his colleague Maximiliano, whom he enjoys working with. It took about five hours to collect garbage from the baskets before it became effective. His job today is a little less physically demanding. And he films his actions with a Go Pro that fits his hat worn upside down.

His name is Nicolás Aquino and he posts weekly records of his work as a garbage man.
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What can happen to a collector every day? For example, Nico recorded the day he had a spider in his hand while traveling in the back of the truck. And she got scared while her partner was making fun of her. Funny situations, laughter, jokes, dances, and jokes are always generated among colleagues, such as the video where one of their colleagues gets out of the truck and, in full uniform and sneakers, with a hair planted on a pavement, makes a summer treat. The title of the video says: “Can you imagine living in Europe and missing these collectors from San Martín? The whole scene is incredible, pool and diving on the sidewalk.” His followers on the networks defended collectors’ humor, arguing that the pool was open to the public because it was on the pavement.

“When I started working regularly with Maximiliano, who was so much fun, I said to myself that this had to be recorded. And I started with a cheap little camera. Immediately after purchasing the professional. And he adds: “My intention is to promote the work we do. For example, when we show if we found something rotten. What I want is for people to have fun,” he says.

With his colleague Maximiliano, another of the stars of his videos
With his colleague Maximiliano, another of the stars of his videos

Spontaneity is the hallmark of Nico and his dear friends, who are also part of this stable roster. They shoot a movie once a week, and it comes out. He believes this naturalness is valued by loyal viewers. The material is then forwarded to a publisher.

Section dress with me this is a success. There are many men who ask her where she bought clothes. Nico is a sportswear fan. Since she is not married and has no children – she explains – she can give these pleasures to herself. “I spend a lot of time in the closet going out to dance,” she says. Doing this part was suggested by his cousin who looked after the nets. He sent her a video of a girl and said: “Do this because you have a lot of clothes, you are flirtatious and it takes a long time to get dressed. Fame earned him. She spends two hours choosing what to wear before going out to dance on Saturday nights. Prepare three changes in the bed, try different combinations. And she’s always the last person to arrive on a date. All his friends know.

Every Saturday, before going to the dance, Nicolás Aquino, aka Nico Basura, shows on the net how he chooses his clothes and gives style advice.

This is how he started with the section where he displayed his sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, divers, watches and hats. Also, what perfumes do you use? It is sprayed into the chamber as a finishing touch. He says he was unable to enter bowling alleys at one point because of his athletic style.

Nicholas was saved dress with me In his bedroom. Sometimes she shows up with a towel tied around her waist, displaying new clothes in her hand. In the background is a painting of Marilyn Monroe. She says she dreams of having, among other things, a dressing room. Your home is made to your liking. He built it himself.

Before she made money at her job, she didn’t have to go every day and was paid daily. Later, because he could not afford to hire one, he raised the walls of his house with the stonemasonry advice given to him by his acquaintances. “CI put ceramics with a cousin from whom I learned masonry. I did everything, even the roof and electricity. I was inside my house all day,” she says proudly.

people like it dress with me because I talk a lot I record at once on weekends. People follow me for who I am.” , it emphasizes. And his intuition does not fail him. It gains more and more followers. Tik Tok has an audience of 154 thousand people. More than 22,000 (appearing as Nicobasuraa) on Instagram. Almost 30k on YouTube. And this is just beginning.

The mischief of the collector jumping into the water in a fluffy pool arranged on the pavement

I’m here to conquer the world like this!” she exclaims as she tries on one of her “outfits.” In one of the videos, he shows off Dolce & Gabbana t-shirts that are well-adjusted to the body for going to the bowling alley. All her outfits look flawless. Also, the haircut in which she herself shows how she collects in front of the mirror. The shoes are like new. She says she’s been collecting clothes for a long time. And everything looks brand new.

Some guys once criticized him, he admits but on good terms. It was because she said she bought clothes from 47th Street. The collector says that if he sees something he likes in the window, he goes and buys it. There is no prejudice in women’s business. She once liked one of the sneakers of that young brand and went into the store, found new ones because they were out of stock, and also liked a sweatshirt and pants very much. “The video talking about these outfits went viral,” she says. Reviews that can be read on Tik Tok, as he said, are all positive. They leave him inscribed “I loved the combo from the very beginning”, “I don’t know but everything suits him”, “You dress great and you look great with the tattoo on your arm”.

Nicolás says they don’t comment on how much money he spends on his clothes in the village where he lives. Again, compassion. Neighbors greet him. What will they say to him? Take the opportunity to talk well about your neighbors. “This place is full of working people.” It bothers him that they are frowned upon because they live there. It happened to him with the parents of his ex-girlfriends who were upset that they were going to his house. “I’ve lived here my whole life and I wish I could leave,” she says. Right now, you can’t. He wants to leave because “something is going on” and he prefers to avoid those situations on the day he has children. In several videos of Tik Tok videos, the insecurity problem in his neighborhood is captured with humor.

And the impressive garbage collector He still has many dreams to fulfill. How to travel Argentina and the world. He is not currently making money with his networks. Some Instagram accounts offer to dress her up. But Nico refuses the invitations as he prefers to dress his own way. Except for the arrival of offers from their favorite brands, and there they were not going to refuse. He is sure of it.

Source: Info Bae

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