Dreaming strange and vivid things helps take care of our mental health

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No matter who you ask, anyone will be able to confirm that they have experienced one of those mornings in which they wake up more agitated and tired even than when they went to bed because of their dreams. A very striking phenomenon that occurs inside our heads, with dreams in which we become the protagonists of situations that are each more intense and strange, so realistic that it makes us wonder to what extent our minds are playing with us.

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A topic that is the order of the day on the Internet and is a recurring debate in any conversation in various Internet forums. Dreams that confuse reality and fiction, with unexpected characters, somewhat rarefied environments and acts that we would never do. Some have things in common, others not so much. What you may not know is that these dreams have their explanation, and more so after the months we have lived through crisis and uncertainty after the pandemic, with our lives forced to stop against our will. The guilt, the stress.

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“Dreams are a way of manifesting our unconscious, so it is common that many times dreams are not coherent or we do not see the sense in them, since unconnected things that are outside of consciousness are mixed. Freud defends that in dreams there is a fulfillment of unconscious desires, so the interpretation of each dream is particular to each person”, he explains to Screening Macarena del Cojo, general health psychologist at Claritas Institute. So, if we dream of unusual things, is it just a matter of stress? Apparently not, nor do they have anything to do with possible hidden traumas: “The mere fact of dreaming unusual things does not necessarily imply that it is related to a trauma,” explains del Cojo, “but it is true that people who were traumatized by a unpleasant or negative event that occurred in the past, it can reappear as an event through nightmares.

We may dream of stressful situations with relentless chases, or people appear whom we haven’t seen for years with unusual proposals, but there are also times when impossible things appear in our dreams: being chased by a giant donut, being yourself you become a sweet, that you have more body parts than you thought… A mess that can create an uneasiness that you will remember for the rest of your day.

However, this also has its explanation and, to the surprise of many, it can even be beneficial.

“Dreams are a way of fantasizing, so our mind allows itself to establish meaningless and unrealistic stories,” confirms our expert, who indicates that in this case their meaning should be explored, on each specific element.

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Post-analysis is the key, since some vivid dreams help us process the emotions of the previous day. The same for those who dream things that are repeated on other days: “The fact that there is a dream that catches our attention because it is repeated over time does have to do with our unconscious and may have a characteristic meaning” , thinks of the Cojo.

No, we can’t ‘force’ our brain

The weird and unusual things that happen in our dreams may not be making it difficult to sleep, but unfortunately, we can’t ‘force’ our brain to stop doing what it’s doing. The reason, our dreams occur in the REM phase, where we have no control or consciousness. Of course, we can help our body to fall asleep better.

The giant insect you dream of will not go away no matter how hard you try.

“To reduce stress and anxiety levels, it is important to have good sleep hygiene in which we can sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day so that a good rest occurs. For this, it can help us to avoid caffeinated drinks during the afternoon, or to use electronic devices a while before going to sleep”, says the specialist, who also recommends performing relaxation exercises through diaphragmatic breathing in the moments before going to bed. bed.

Worries about what we dream of can interfere with our day-to-day life, altering the sleep pattern and harming the necessary rest of the body. In case of any disorder or alteration of our sleep, it is best to consult a medical specialist; either to help us externalize those hidden feelings behind dream symbolism, or to prescribe some type of drug, to always take under strict medical supervision.

Source: Lavanguardia

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