Lawyer’s advice – Electric scooter or skateboard?

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Electric scooter or skateboard?

My 15 year old son insists I buy him an electric scooter but I find it dangerous unless he’s riding on sidewalks but I don’t know if it’s allowed. So I would rather buy him an electric skateboard as you can see on the internet but some say it is totally forbidden. What exactly are the rules that apply in Switzerland?

Mr Geneva

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It’s not always easy for everyone to find their way through the federal regulations governing highway traffic laws.

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Electric scooters belong to the category of light motor bikes, just like slow electric bikes, and pedal assist makes it possible to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h in the sense of the regulation on technical requirements for vehicles.

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The maximum permissible speed for an electric scooter in Switzerland is 20 km/h. For this reason, it is necessary to be very careful when purchasing by mail order, as some models are not allowed to travel on our roads.

Electric scooters that meet the above criteria do not need to be registered. In accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations, electric scooter drivers should use the road and, if possible, bicycle paths, but in no case should they use the sidewalks. Therefore, they must respect the same rules as cyclists. Wearing a helmet is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

You should also know that riding an electric scooter is only allowed from the age of 14; A moped license (category M), which includes a theory test on traffic rules, is particularly required for young people under 16 years of age. According to the 5th and 6th articles of the regulation regulating traffic after this age, it is allowed to drive without a license.

On the other hand, and to this day, roaming on Swiss public roads for electric skateboards, as well as hoverboards (or smart wheels) and electric unicycles, is completely prohibited, even on sidewalks or pedestrian areas. Therefore, these devices can only be used in private areas.

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