A tantrum in Formosa: He was kicked out of the bowling alley after a fight and his truck crashed into the door of the building

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The incident, which took place this morning, was captured by the venue’s security cameras. The attacker escaped and his identity has not yet been determined.

A driver crashed his vehicle in front of the bowling alley after being thrown out by security guards.

a bowling alley formosan city it was the scene of a violent event that could end in tragedy today. This morning, A man was kicked out of the dance hall after a fight and smashed his truck into the venue’s door in the middle of a burst of anger. Then he ran away.

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anger attack It was captured by the security cameras of the “Beer Monkey” nightclub on 800 Matheu Street in the Mariano Moreno district of the state capital. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.

The attacker was kicked out of the dance hall for fighting with another man.
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The footage shows that it all started 5 minutes ago. First, when a group of four young people chatting at the entrance of the bowling alley suddenly turned their eyes to the door and heard the screams: at that moment, security personnel forcibly evacuated five people one of them, as it turned out later, He had an argument with someone else inside the building.

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The Patovicas eventually managed to eliminate the main character of the fight and the four accompanying them. Almost all of them looked very angry: two of them even started throwing stones at the door of the nightclub, which was immediately closed.. However, the violence did not end there.

At least two of the expelleds got into a gray Toyota Hilux truck and drove around the block and then crashed into the bowling alley entrance. Moreover, They hit two cars parked in the middle. It all happened in less than five minutes.

The violent incident was recorded by bowling alley cameras.
The violent incident was recorded by bowling alley cameras.

During the attack, the shaken driver of the Hilux almost instinctively, he bumped into a young man who put his hands forward and managed to escape from the vehicle. this puts many people at risk: the videos also show the number of people behind the doors in the first section of the bowling alley.

Some of the nightclub occupants were injured by the slamming of the opened front door. . After hitting a part of the masonry building, she had to be supported by only one female health personnel as a result of the blow she received. Fortunately, there were no significant consequences afterwards.

The attacker fled immediately. Local media reported that vehicle owners filed a complaint with the Sixth Police Station and the identity of the driver has not yet been determined.

The series lasted less than five minutes
The series lasted less than five minutes

There was another tantrum this week. In this case, the Chaco province was in the city of Resistencia. There, a neighbor got tired of being parked at his garage door and reacted violently: Several times she was hit by a truck that prevented her from leaving her house. The drama was filmed by a witness and the video went viral.

As observed in the video, the owner of a red Renault Oroch truck crashed into a white Chevrolet Tracker several times to “run” when he saw it was blocking his way. These were small hits that damaged the vehicle, but were enough to do at least some damage.

The driver, apparently enraged, got out and started shouting: “They’re always doing the same thing to me, they’re always doing the same thing to me. You shouldn’t park on the ramp. . The violator, who arrived at the scene at that time, tried to calm the owner, but said, “You can’t park on a ramp,” because his pineapple hit the hood.

The sequence, shot by a passerby warning of the violent situation unfolding on Avenida 25 de Mayo, between Remedios de Escalada and Liniers streets, was posted by a Twitter user this Wednesday, according to local media.

Source: Info Bae

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