Creepy video: A man shot a cardboard box in the face with a shotgun

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The 28-year-old victim was in a horse-drawn carriage. The attacker shot him in cold blood without saying a word. He says he stole his motorcycle

Tucumán: killed the thief who stole his motorcycle with a shotgun. Everything was recorded on the security camera.

In San Miguel de Tucumán, a 28-year-old cardboard maker was shot dead in the face with a shotgun while riding in a carriage, and his neighbor was arrested for reporting the incident to police days before. stole his motorcycle.

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The incident occurred this Saturday afternoon, when the victim was identified. Ariel Melian was wandering along Alem y López Mañana street in the southern quarter of the Tucuman capital with a friend.

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The attack was recorded by the surrounding security camera. Here’s how 74-year-old Miguel Bartolomé Cajal awaits the moment when the cartonero just passed through the door of his house to carry out the attack.

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Hearing the horse’s galloping sound, the man grabs his rifle, leaves his house and without saying a word shoots Melián in the face and returns home.It is located in Alam in 2300.

although young died instantly His friend, who was holding the reins of the horse, continued walking without stopping to escape from the attacker, fearing that he would kill himself as well.

Prosecutor Carlos Sale, in charge of Murder Prosecution Unit II, ordered a search of Cajal’s home for the seizure of case-related items, particularly the shotgun used in the incident.

The attacker leaves his home, without a word, points to the cardboard and kills him with a shotgun.
The attacker leaves his home, without a word, points to the cardboard and kills him with a shotgun.

“Melián is a child with a long history and according to the information from the first witness statements, the reason may be that Cajal’s motorcycle was stolen a few days ago.” Said an investigator of the case, quoted by the La Voz newspaper.

Skills is responsible for the Prosecutor’s Financial Investigation Scientific Team (ECIF) and the Homicide Division of Tucumán Police.

The sources added that prosecutor Sale had 48 hours to conduct the trial to formulate charges against the defendants.

This year isn’t the first time a neighbor has decided to take justice into his own hands in the face of an act of mistrust. on January 16, a group of neighbors lynched a motorcycle the person who committed several armed robberies on the same day and died as a result of assault 8 days later.

The bullet hit him in the face, and the cardboard died on the spot.
The bullet hit him in the face, and the cardboard died on the spot.

It all started around 9 pm when two motorcycles attacked three women from the same family in Concepción, Tucuman. St Roque Sáenz at Peña 2200. After committing the crime, they fled.

Within the hour, at the intersection of Hipólito Irigoyen and Los Cedros streets in the city of Alto Verde, they tried to stage a re-attack against another group of minors among them. However, this time the result was not as expected.

In the same manner, the deceased thief approached the victims carrying his firearm and seized three mobile phones. Again, One of the people he attacked decided to go after the criminal he had shot from 20 meters.

In self-defense, the criminal took out the pistol and aimed it at his victim, who began to struggle with it until he lost it. on that side, The man attacked the thief with punches and kicks. Almost instantly, residents joined the daya.

The thief was left unconscious and in serious condition. When the Motor Patrol arrived on the site, the man was rescued and transported to Padilla Hospital. He was hospitalized and eventually died.

Source: Info Bae

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