A fire in Dock Sud creates a dense column of black smoke that can be seen several kilometers away.

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Flames affect two factories located in the town of Avellaneda. An adjacent building was evacuated and firefighters blocked all surrounding streets to traffic.

fire in hazelnut factory

a big fire affects two factories Located in Dock Sud, town of Buenos Aires, Avellaneda county, one of the mattresses and the other from the aerosol Yeah; and dense black smoke can be seen from the city of Buenos Aires.

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The incident was recorded on the streets after 10 am Levalle and Ameghino.

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At least ten firefighters are working hard at the site and evacuated the neighboring building as the direction of the fire directly affected the building’s facade.

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The surrounding streets were also closed to traffic. Visibility is reduced at 25 de Mayo highway and Pueyrredón Bridge.

Neighbors shared images of the fire on their Twitter accounts.
Neighbors shared images of the fire on their Twitter accounts.

TV cameras also recorded the moment when several explosions occurred that caused the roof to collapse in a neighboring shed where an aerosol factory was operating.

There are two properties affected by the fire so far and more firefighters are expected to bring the incident under control.

As a precaution, electricity and natural gas were cut throughout the neighborhood.

All hospitals in the area have been put on alert and there is a SAME helicopter flying on the spot, ready to offer its support to transport the injured if needed.

Due to the intensity of the event, the Government of Buenos Aires made the fire departments ready to cooperate with their counterparts in Buenos Aires.

On social networks, neighbors shared shocking images of the fire; It was seen from La Boca, downtown Buenos Aires, and even the northern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs.

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Source: Info Bae

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