Bloody Rosario: Uzi with silencer in which shooters kill a young man with 19 bullets

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Mauro Fleitas’ crime took place a few meters from a police station in the northwestern part of the city.

Captured machine gun.
Captured machine gun.

High-powered weapons—rifles, machine guns, brand-name carbines—are a constant element of Rosario’s crime, another image in this hideous image. For example, last December 24, Uriel Luciano “Lucho” Cantero 18 years old and son of the murdered leader Monkeys Claudio “Bird” Cantero and Lorraine Verdun an arsenal of his force was detained, He celebrated Christmas Eve by shooting into the sky with a FAL rifle.

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Now, A 28-year-old man was shot 19 times. early this Monday in the northwest area of ​​Rosario, a few meters from substation 24. Minutes later, Police chased three people in a car, who had been arrested with two pistols and a pistol, and opened fire between them. Silenced UZI machine gun.

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Mauro Feliciano Fleitas According to the first information about the incident, Felipe Moré and Juan José Paso were attacked at the door of his girlfriend’s house in the Empalme Graneros district. The body was found next to the victim’s black Honda motorcycle. According to the statements given by the neighbors to the Radioelectric Command agents, The young man was shot from a red Ford Eco Sport pickup truck.

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After the work done at the murder scene by the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) forensic investigation office 19 9 millimeter capsules seized Who was sent for inspection?

body had 25 gun holes according to the actions taken by Gastón Ávila, the Intentional Murder Prosecutor responsible for the investigation. The researchers explained that the difference between the number of bullet wounds and the cases served lies in the fact that some of the bullets enter and exit the body.

Minutes after the murder, the Radioelectric Command pinpointed Solís and Junín in the attack zone. in a red three-passenger Ford Eco Sport According to police sources, the fleeing information.

Bullets of Ford Ecosport.
Bullets of Ford Ecosport.

The pursuit of the red vehicle included a shootout. It culminated in the Azcuénaga district, in Matienzo and Mendoza. Three people in the vehicle were detained. With the Bersa 9 millimeter pistol; a Hi Power 9mm pistol and a silenced UZI machine gun.

According to subsequent research, the car used for the attack was He had an arrest warrant for theft.

None of the suspects were natives of the area where the murder took place. The two –Brian Leonel H., 20 and Kevin Fabián T., 22– They have a registered address in the southwest area, near where the operations took place last April 27. The alleged illegal association of Máximo Ariel “El Viejo” Cantero. And the third—Luis Andrés S., 28—is in the Godoy neighborhood in the westernmost part of Rosario.

They were also kidnapped in Eco Sport a pair of gloves, four mobile phones and 70 intact 9-millimeter ammunition. The suspects were also subjected to a dermotest by order of prosecutor Ávila.

Data on mechanics, number of shots and Possible follow-up to Fleitas The prosecutor suspects it was a contract murder, although the motives for killing her at the door of her lover’s house are currently unknown.

With the murder of Mauro FleitasAccording to information from the Public Safety Observatory, the Rosario department has had 110 crimes so far this year. A provincial body made up of the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Public Accusation (MPA).

Two suspects are on the ground.
Two suspects are on the ground.

last saturday, A man aged between 70 and 75, whose identity has not yet been determined, was stabbed to death in 28 places in an empty field. According to the data released by the prosecutor’s office, which does not reveal a specific hypothesis for now, it is estimated that he was attacked by at least two people whose identities have not yet been determined.

this sunday is dead A 17-year-old boy was shot in the head outside a police station in the Cabín 9 neighborhood last Thursday from the neighboring city of Pérez. Another 17-year-old boy was arrested for this murder. aka “monkey” has already been investigated and arrested by Juvenile Justice. Meanwhile, his accomplice Alexis Benitez has already been charged over the weekend and has been given effective preventive detention until November 11.

Source: Info Bae

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