Garrido-Corbière case: Aziz Zemouri’s lawyer alleges he ‘faced manipulation’

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I’m David-Olivier Kaminski, attorney for Point journalist Aziz Zemouri – BFMTV

“Journalist did his duty” David-Olivier Kaminski, lawyer for journalist Aziz Zemouri, defended his client on the set of BFMTV this Wednesday. Point It targets Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière.

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“She faced manipulation,” the journalist’s lawyer said on our antenna.

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“In order to convince false information, we have set up several precise, detailed, conditional schemes so that he can carry it with his signature and bring it to a major media with large circulation. Point“, he adds.

“Faced with the lie factory”

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An article published at the end of June after the legislative elections claimed that several LFI lawmakers had hired a cleaner without declaring him and promised to buy French newspapers. Accusations that were promptly dismissed by those concerned and ultimately led to the retraction of the article in question. Aziz Zemouri was suspended by the editorial staff.

“He faced the fake factory, the fake news factory,” Me David-Olivier Kaminski, broadcast on BFMTV, said, adding that his client “decided to file a complaint when all this broke out.”

Invited this Wednesday morning to react to the police detention of Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who is suspected of providing false information to Aziz Zemouri, Raquel Garrido denounced the journalist’s lack of verification work. “The weak link in this matter is Saint Zemouri, who publishes things that he can easily confirm as lies. […] They posted things knowing they were wrong”, the LFI deputy proclaimed on BFMTV this Wednesday morning.

Aziz Zemouri’s lawyer replied this Wednesday evening, “Madame Garrido is involved in politics and is not interested in a legal case, we do not speak the same language.”

“We faked it to deceive the journalist”

For me, David-Olivier Kaminski said, “This case is really compelling for two main reasons: We did something fake to deceive a journalist. […] If the idea was to influence or even influence universal suffrage, we held the principle of democracy directly.” However, the lawyer points out that the publication of the article took place only after the second round of the legislative elections, which opposed Jean-Christophe. Lagarde in the 5th district of Seine-Saint-Denis. To Raquel Garrido.

The lawyer finally concluded by saying, “We probably hold the journalist accountable when, in fact, the article has passed several hands and is read upwards before publication.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into “organized gang fraud”, “identity theft” and “forgery and forgery” on 29 June. The surveillance of Jean-Christophe Lagarde continues this Wednesday evening.

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