DRC: “2023 is upon us. Everyone must be vigilant” – La Libre Afrique

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The View of Emmanuel Ndimwiza Murhonyi,
Citizen movement activist Lucha fights for change.

The mobilization bore fruit in challenging Rwanda for its intervention in Congolese affairs, particularly its support for the M23, which was only in RPA disguise. This patriotic awakening is very encouraging.

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But let’s not forget that only if we have a responsible and accountable government can we have a good army ready to defend national sovereignty.

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2023 has come, we have another appointment with history.
On the face of it, the National Assembly seems determined to present us with a law that sanctifies fraud in order to prolong dictatorship, incompetence, and amateurism at the top of the state.
It also leads to prolonged misery, humiliation of neighbors, mortgage of our wealth to ‘vultures’, people’s tears and shrieks…
Why do those who call themselves “honourable” fear transparency and truth?
Why should credibility be a pain to them?
Why are they afraid of electoral law reform, knowing that the old text leads us to chaos, the direct cause of the current fiasco at all levels?
Let’s stay vigilant, dear citizens: the evil attacks are at the root.
We have no right to error or failure. Let’s learn from the mistakes of the past and pick ourselves up. Let’s be vigilant, let’s not pass a law that shows immorality and meanness.
The head of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso, and the Sacred Unity group are making fun of us.
The beautiful Jeeps (Palisades) emboldened by huge paychecks and cars, a sign of recognition for their betrayal and mockery, look at us from the top of the palace, sing the victory of the poor idlers and celebrate their victory over the Humans. but their spread.
Ladies and gentlemen: Don’t make fun of people.
Please don’t belittle people.
Please don’t be blinded by power and money.
Be smart, others have tried and failed…

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Wait: he who laughs last laughs best…

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