Millas accident case: Driver in intensive care, lawyer evokes ‘heart attack’

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Orange with Media Services, Released on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 08:54.

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His lawyer denounced the “ruthlessness” of civil party lawyers against him.

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The driver of the school bus, which collided with a train in Millas in the Pyrenees-Orientales in 2017, was transferred to intensive care after suffering a “heart attack”, reassured his lawyer on Saturday 24 September, quoted by France Bleu.

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He was admitted to cardiology on Thursday after fainting during the trial. His lawyer later spoke of the “failure” of his heart “under the influence of intense emotion”.

According to Me Jean Codognés, Nadine Oliveira He was taken to intensive care “after a heart attack” on Saturday. “It has to go through a third scanner at the Northern Hospital in Marseille on Monday,” he said. France Blue.

The driver, who was put on trial to determine his possible responsibility in this drama that cost the lives of six university students, was alleged to be the victim of “tako-tsubo syndrome”, a broken heart syndrome that occurs after intense physical or psychological stress. .

The lawyer also filed a criminal complaint. “cruelty” of lawyers for civil parties Participants in a contest to associate their names with forced confessions: it is torture befitting the Middle Ages”. Accusations denied by those concerned. “We are asking the questions we need to ask him,” Philippe Ayral told Me Thursday. We can understand that Miss Oliveira was having a hard time accepting this idea four days later.

On Thursday, 53-year-old Nadine Oliveira fainted after trying to explain for the fifteenth time what she had seen or not seen before colliding with the train, in which six schoolchildren were killed and some seriously injured. He had returned to the scene after the accident, but before he could answer exactly what had happened at the level crossing: “When I look up, I see the seats”, evoking the severity of the shock when the car was cut in half. and the passengers and seats were thrown out.

After falling to the ground in tears, he will finally be evacuated by the marine firefighters. Faced with this situation, the head of the criminal court, Céline Balleri, postponed the hearing to Monday after a “difficult week” in which the accused, who said she was destroyed as a result of the accident, faced pain and expectations. More than 120 civil parties joined this cause.

As Fabien Bourgeonnier, the father of a teenager who died in the tragedy, stated in a press release, they are worried about the possibility of a reopening of the trial without a defendant.AFP. He underlines that he went “to be judged with dignity, without shouting or insulting, just to learn the truth.” He is curious about this discomfort that arose “after the questions” that undermined the accused. and “dangerous” responses that “push it to its limits”. And if he’s not able to return on Monday, “how will we get the answers victims deserve?” He asked in this text.

Defendant assures that level crossing barriers are open and despite the expert reports and some self-contradictory statements, especially from a young girl sitting just behind him on the bus, he maintains this version. He also speaks of a “black hole” at the time of the crash.

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