Under what conditions can a mortgage be taken?

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According to the CSA Home Loan Observatory, home loan rates averaged 1.85% over 20 years in August, compared to 0.99% in December 2021. This increase is not surprising, as the benchmark government bond, the 10-year OAT, has risen from 0.10% to over 2% at the same time. “This means that for a monthly payment of 1,000 euros, 200,000 euros can be borrowed, ie 17,500 euros less than at the end of 2021”, Meilleurtaux spokesperson refers to Maël Bernier.

And the trend was confirmed in September: many scales have been showing 2% since the beginning of September, to the dismay of purchase candidates. “Approximately 20% of the files we financed in 2021 would not have received loans under current conditions, as the vast majority exceed the debt ratio which is now 35%”, Explains Pierre Chapon, co-founder of real estate broker Pretto.

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The solution to staying in the nails is to inflate your contribution as much as possible to limit the amount borrowed, hence the monthly payment. However, it is still necessary to have this freedom. “Average contribution is currently between 10% and 20%”, Maël observes Bernier.

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Especially since banks are not looking for new files: “Some banks have stopped lending this summer by giving very high rates. The refinancing conditions have deteriorated and they are unwilling to lend at a loss.” Sandrine Allonier, spokesperson for broker Vousfi

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