The Twitter account that triumphs compiling the funniest and most surreal BeReal

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BeReal is gradually establishing itself as the new fashionable social network, and it is not for less: this application seeks to show the daily life of the youngest and their daily circle, fleeing from the posturing and the filters that reign in most of the platforms.

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It is not surprising then that this application that has more than five million downloads in Spain is defined in this way: “It is like life itself, a life without filters that will challenge your creativity. It won’t make you famous and it won’t let you cheat.”

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— bestbereals (@bestbereals) September 22, 2022

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The operation is simple: it notifies the user by means of a notification when they must share a photo and, to do so, they only have two minutes. The time of the notification is completely random and users must take a photo with the front camera and another with the external one, if they do not publish it in the established time they will not be able to see what their friends are doing.

But not only that, with the growing popularity of this social network, accounts have also begun to appear on other platforms that are responsible for collecting the funniest and most surreal BeReals that users share, as is the case with @bestbereals on Twitter.

what was she cooking

— bestbereals (@bestbereals) September 22, 2022

This account that accumulates almost half a million followers on Twitter is dedicated to sharing the craziest and most hilarious BeReals: from a young man trying to put out an arson fire in a kitchen, to a young man who has had a car accident or even a doctor in the middle of an operation.

BeReal has achieved naturalness among users

If this Twitter account proves anything, it is that in addition to avoiding filters, BeReal has managed to reach such a level of naturalness that some users share with their followers such intimate moments of their lives as a breakup.

A series of images that never cease to surprise users who come across them and decide to react to them with ‘RealMoji’, a photo of the user’s face interpreting the emoticon that represents them when they see said scene.

Source: Lavanguardia

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