Ticheville The float will be ready for the Apple Show

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The Ticheville festival committee in Orne is taking part in the parade of the Vimoutiers Apple Fair, which will take place, as is customary, on the streets of the city on Sunday, October 16, 2022 this year. Pays d’Auge. For this year, the Vimoutiers fair committee wanted the construction of the floats to be carnival-themed. Tichevillais chose to build the float around the apple theme with a festive setting and disguises.

Only one tank this year

Usually, the party committee team will make two floats, but this year there will be only one. On Saturday morning, as every Saturday since the beginning of September, a team of about twenty motivated volunteers was engaged in needles, saws, drills, blowtorch, all in a good mood, already built in the village for a long time. .

team at work

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Everything is going well, we are working, but at the same time we are laughing. Women are busy sewing, men are busy with welding, cutting wood… We will be ready for D-Day., commented President Gaëlle Fourmillon. Lady Rain was part of the party, luckily everyone was safe under Paul’s cabin. The baptism of the float will take place on Sunday, October 16 at 11:00 am in the town of Ticheville, before leaving to attend the parade of the Apple Fair in Vimoutiers.

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Festival committee members. President, Gaëlle Fourmillon; vice presidents Richard Carpentier and Lionel Perdriel; secretary, Anne Delacour, assistant, Olivier Mouton; treasurer Carole Perdriel, assistant, Vincent Bordeaux. Board members: Yvette Belloncle, Paul Cavey, Rodolphe Chouquard, Marie-Gisèle Coënon, Angeline Goyet, Alexis Maheu, Yvette Mouton, Cyril Toussaint.

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