Towards rejection of dental care insurance in Neuchatel

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The population of Neuchâtel is in the process of rejecting the Sunday compulsory dental insurance initiative that will cover basic care and periodic checkups. After counting 21 of 27 municipalities, citizens say no to 68.3 percent.

The participation rate is currently 44.3%. While the results for the more traditionally left-wing cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel are not yet known, the text should be rejected because of the broad rejection so far.

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Launched in 2015, the initiative called for compulsory dental insurance to be financed with a 1% salary deduction, half paid by the employer and half by the employee. The left was supported by political parties, trade unions and associations.

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Proponents of the initiative argued that “the best way to improve public health is to have a free annual checkup with your dentist or hygienist.” They added that currently a portion of the population is giving up on having their teeth treated because of the cost.

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The text was opposed by the Council of State, the Great Council, the four right-wing parties, economic associations and dentists. According to opponents of the enterprise, the cost of this insurance was 110 million francs. Of this amount, 70 million francs would be received equally between employers and employees, and 40 million would fall under the responsibility of public authorities. /ATS-gtr

Source From: Google News

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