NÎMES Mobilizes for Pink October with Louane, Crédit Agricole and Caisse locale de Nîmes – Objectif Gard

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For three years now, Crédit Agricole du Languedoc and Caisse locale de Nîmes have joined forces for a Pink October, with actions aimed at sending powerful messages.

It cannot be said that both organizations spared their efforts. From the first year in 2019, several actions have been designed and implemented by Marlène Gallouedec and Olivier Daylaud of Crédit Agricole. Throughout her story, Marlène Gallouedec boldly pursues these projects in the company of Olivier Daylaud. Both are intended to defend, support and accompany patients and attendants. All this is possible thanks to their partnership with Nîmes town hall and Nîmes MUB.

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That’s why from 2019 they organize a vacuum dressing for the benefit of the Les Roses du Gard association, but also participate in the famous women’s race Zontienne for the benefit of breast cancer patients. Also in the same year, Crédit Agricole du Languedoc and Caisse locale de Nîmes organized a cafe rose with various participants such as beautician, dermographer, sophrologist, pharmacist (…) before participating in the collection of hair tresses by Karin hairdresser. Atelier located on rue de la Bienfaisance in Nîmes.

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In 2020, the Covid pandemic forced Crédit Agricole to drop its shares. The latter still donates. In 2021, a series of photographs are on display in Halles de Nîmes, as well as on the rue de la Madeleine to promote screening and take another look at the disease. Exhibitions that resonate greatly because they are poignant, aesthetic and poignant.

Louane at the Arena of Nîmes

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This year, after such a history, we had to raise the bar even higher to deliver a strong message. Therefore, two important actions will be implemented. The first includes the distribution of one hundred and twenty solidarity boxes to all patients in the oncology department of CHU de Nîmes during the month of October. These boxes called “Belle et Rose” will contain creams, varnishes, soaps, infusions… They are designed to relax patients and increase their femininity.

The second action will make it possible to witness the course, the role of companions and promote health professionals during illness. Thus, from October 10 to 31, sixteen portraits will adorn the flag of the arenas of Nîmes. The photos were taken by photographer Pauline André. The opening will take place on Thursday, October 13 at 17.00 in the front courtyard of the arena, in the presence of the godmother of the famous French singer and actress Louane, who did not hesitate to represent the cause.

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