Choice, subscription, termination… Everything you need to know about provident insurance

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Death insurance: how to organize and predict your death?

The most well-known of all provident insurances is survivors insurance. To protect your loved ones in case of premature or untimely death, it’s a purpose death insurance. Unlike funeral insurance, only funeral expensesThis foresight, Malakoff humanis explains, makes it possible “to pay an amount (capital or annuity) to a predetermined beneficiary upon his death”, Malakoff humanis explains.. You can subscribe individually or through a collective agreement made by your employer.

As a reminder, funeral expenses can very quickly represent a significant expense for heirs because they are the ones responsible for paying the funeral expenses. as stated byCircular No. 2013-3 dated 25 January 2013Funeral reimbursement is available for CNAV (National Old Age Insurance Fund, general plan) retirees. The maximum amount of funeral reimbursement is 2,286,74 Euros. To obtain it, you must present the invoices and the death certificate. Also there is this Funeral assistance from CPAM (death capital) is paid in priority to the person who is actually dependent on the deceased at the time of death. This can be the surviving spouse or partner of a PACS, child(s) (if no spouse) or descendant (in the absence of spouse and children).

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To predict your death and protect your heirs, Possible to have death insurancesuch as life insurance that provides the beneficiary fund to pay funeral and inheritance tax, but not just him. Depending on the capital saved, the subscriber may actually allow his relatives to take advantage of a time or demand annuity. All life insurance detailsas subscription agewill be discovered in this file.

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