Raphael for Spain and the songs that will play for each goal of the rest of the teams in the World Cup

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Just a few days after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar officially began, the most anticipated sporting event of the year is possibly the most atypical to date: from its peculiar and strict restrictions, to the controversial shadow of corruption and violation of surrounding human rights.

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Not only that, this year a novelty has also been introduced: each team has chosen a song to celebrate the goals in the stadium and that is heard over the public address system. An initiative that aims to appeal even more to the passion that both music and football arouse.

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This was confirmed yesterday during Spain’s match against Costa Rica, when the team managed to score seven goals in the opening game of the World Cup in Qatar. A victory that was celebrated with each goal to the sound of My big night of Raphael through the loudspeakers of the stadiums.

But Spain has not been the only team to have its own song to celebrate the goals during the World Cup, each country has chosen its own representative music that will accompany them throughout the different matches.

The songs and authors chosen by each selection have been the most varied: from the Canadian selection with the native superstar Drake and his going badto the Balkan reggaeton of the Serbian national team preko sveta of Rasta, and even devotional music in the Tunisian selection.

There have even been repetitions: both England, Poland and Switzerland have chosen the same song to celebrate the goals: Freed From Desire, a 1997 hit by Italian singer Gala. A song so popular that it has been chosen by the three teams. An error that the English have quickly corrected by naming a second song as the one chosen to celebrate the goals: onekiss of Dua Lipa. However, Switzerland and Poland have continued betting on the same song and have not shown any intention of changing it for the moment.

Songs chosen by each selection

  1. Germany: When We Stand Together – Nickelback
  2. Argentina: Light Crime – Wos
  3. Saudi Arabia: Al Saudia – Rashed Al Majed
  4. Australia: Down Under – Men at Work
  5. Australia: On My Mind – Powderfinger
  6. Belgium: DevilTime – MC Devil
  7. Brazil: Esquentando O Couro – Escola De Samba
  8. Canada: 30,000 Feet – NorthSideBenji & DJ Charlie B
  9. Canada: Going Bad – Meek Mill feat. Drake
  10. Cameroon: Mbandjoh – Les Rythmeurs ABC
  11. South Korea: Idol – BTS
  12. South Korea: The Shouts of Reds – TransFixion
  13. Costa Rica: The Other Goal – Gandhi
  14. Costa Rica: Ole Ole – The Outsiders
  15. Croatia: Srce Vatreno – Marko Lasic-Nered
  16. Croatia: Svijet Voli Pobjednike – Cologne
  17. Denmark: Re-Sepp-Ten – VM Holdet
  18. Ecuador: Ecuador, If You Can – Damiano
  19. Spain: My Big Night – Raphael
  20. United States: Feel So Good – Mase
  21. France: Song 2 – Blur
  22. Wales: Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
  23. Wales: This is Wales – The Barry Horns
  24. Ghana: Oofeets – Sarkodie
  25. England: Freed From Desire – Gala
  26. England: One Kiss – Dua Lipa
  27. Iran: Iran1400 – HM
  28. Japan: Syori No Emi Wo Kimi To – Ukasuka
  29. Morocco: Allez Allez Maroc – Hamid Bouchnak
  30. Mexico: La Negra – The Daughter of the Mariachi
  31. Netherlands: Love Tonight – Shouse
  32. Netherlands: Samba De Janeiro – Bellini
  33. Poland: Balkanica – Piersi
  34. Poland: Freed From Desire – Gala
  35. Portugal: A Minha Casinha – Xutos & Pontapés
  36. Portugal: Vamos Com Tudo – David Carreira
  37. Qatar: NA–NA
  38. Senegal: NA – NA
  39. Serbia: Rasta – Preko Sveta
  40. Serbia: Uzicko Kolo – Svetozar Gongo
  41. Switzerland: Freed From Desire – Gala
  42. Tunisia: Muhammed – Adnan Dogru
  43. Tunisia: Sidi Mansour – Saber Rebai
  44. Uruguay: Cumbia Pa La Seleccion – De La Planta

But the songs chosen by the different teams are not the only protagonists of this World Cup in Qatar 2022. This year Hayya Hayya (Better Together) Performed by the American Trinidad Cardona, Afrobeats Davido and the Qatari sensation Aisha, it is the official song of the World Cup that bringing together voices from America, Africa and the Middle East symbolizes how music and soccer can unite the world.

Source: Lavanguardia

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