Biologists strike again on 1 December as they fail to agree with Health Insurance

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After two months of arm-wrestling over the Social Security budget, biologist unions called for another “renewable strike” on Thursday, starting December 1st, feeling they had not received a “concrete response” to their latest proposal from Health Insurance.

Biologists’ unions called for a new “renewable strike” from December 1 on Thursday, as there has been no “concrete response” to the latest proposed deal from Social Security. After their three-day strike last week, the four liberal biologist unions sent to Health Insurance on Monday offered a “compromise” to their interlocutors, demanding a response by Wednesday evening at the latest.

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Against the “permanent planning blow” of 250 million euros per year included in the Social Security budget (PLFSS) for 2023, they agreed to a similar amount of relief next year, reduced to 145 million from 2024 to 2026. At the end of their ultimatum, they regret not getting a “concrete answer”.

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A major health strike on 1 December

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Health Insurance Director Thomas Fatôme welcomed the “strong commitments” while he hopes the exchanges “can continue to allow the target set to be achieved” in PLFSS. There is little for biologists who demand “a written and quantitative return to their proposals” before continuing the discussions and feel they have “no choice” to “go on renewable strike from December 1”.

A date chosen to “join the movement initiated by other health professions”, especially liberal doctors, whose unions call for most practices to be closed on December 1 and 2. Contacted Health Insurance, “while regretting the call for this new strike that could only complicate patients’ lives and access to care”, “biologists’ recommendations were moving in the right direction” and offered a new meeting “next Tuesday”.

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