20 years in prison for woman who stabbed her boyfriend

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He killed her with two stab wounds and confessed to the act. The Attorney General requested 20 years of certainty for this 37-year-old woman from Pontoise on Thursday.

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The victim was found with two wounds, one of which was 12 centimeters across his chest.  (explanatory picture)
The victim was found with two wounds, one in the 12-centimeter rib cage. (explanatory picture)
© JEAN-MICHEL DELAGE / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

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It was published 24.11.2022, 20:54

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vA twenty-year prison sentence was sought for a 37-year-old woman who was tried at the Val-d’Oise Assize Court in Pontoise on Thursday for murdering her friend with a stabbing in the chest. “I believe these 20 years have been fair,” Attorney General Charles-Edouard Chaudru said during his indictment, dismissing any possibility of self-defense for the accused and reiterating several times that he had acted under the coup. fear.

At around 3:30 am on May 6, 2020, a 30-year-old man was found lying on the floor with two stab wounds at the door of the defendants’ pavilion. Despite attempts to resuscitate him, he succumbed to his wounds. The chest wound in question is 12 centimeters. The escort of the victim, who was arrested while intoxicated, first reassures investigators that the man himself bore the fatal blow, before admitting that he was responsible.

begging to defend himself

“If it wasn’t him, it was me,” he said from the dock on Thursday, emphasizing the sense of fear at the time. “My dog ​​was just as scared of him as I was”. “It is not self-defense to take a knife on the sofa,” replied Me Lynda Sabilellah, a lawyer for the victim’s ex-wife and children. The 37-year-old woman, who has been on trial for “spousal murder” since Monday, first talked about a turbulent relationship with this man, whom she described as a “conquest”, then occasionally mentioned a sexual partner and completely denied the characterization of the torque. His lawyer, Me Larbi Benabdelmadjid, insisted on many questions left unanswered in the case, notably the reasons for taking action.

Suspects of adultery were raised during the investigation, but these were not identified during the trial. “I am not trying to belittle the actions (defendant, editor’s note) just because a man lost his life. But given all the unknowns in this case, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation,” argued Me Larbi Benabdelmadjid, asking the court to impose an “adequate” sentence. The court’s decision is expected on Friday.

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