Press in Qatar | One goal, one record and one disdain for Cristiano Ronaldo

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The (Doha) autumn was more eventful than that of the liberals. more incredible than the season STAT. More controversial than the biography of Pierre Gervais.

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Is it possible?

Definitely. Welcome to the world of Cristiano Ronaldo, the gigaved of Portugal team and… and indeed no other club since his own neutron bomb last week.

Cristiano Ronaldo loves the camera. The camera loves it. The 37-year-old striker has enough background to know how to make an impact, and this interview was epic. The list of complaints against their bosses at Manchester United was longer than the list of finalists at the Gemini premiere. Equipment in the gym? Stale. Last year’s teacher? “He wasn’t even coach. “From this season? “She disrespects me. “Top management? After her baby’s death, she accuses him of betraying her, in addition to her lack of empathy. That’s it? Number one. He also said that the American owners don’t care about the club. No one will contradict him on that.

“People don’t want me anymore [Manchester]. Not just a coach. Two or three more. […] Frankly, I shouldn’t say this… I don’t know… But look, I don’t care. People should listen to the facts. Yes, I felt betrayed. »

The divorce between Ronaldo and ManU was finalized last weekend. In the middle of the World Cup. In a city with 12,000 journalists and one of the most watched actors.

Hello pressure.

Many would crash cheaper. not him. On the contrary, Ronaldo has always fed from this pressure. He showed this once again when he stepped forward with Portugal’s 3-2 win over the Ghanaians on Thursday.

In two-thirds of the game, he had the game’s best three goalscoring chances. He even pushed the ball behind the net, but the goal was not conceded, the referee blamed him for touching the opposing defender. at 62to On the minute the game was locked to 0-0, Ronaldo got his revenge and will commit a (very light) foul inside the penalty area. Penalty Portugal.

Who do you think took it?

Three minutes later, Ronaldo opened the score with a solid curling shot from his left. “YUUUU! shouted into the crowd – a distortion of the Portuguese word “yes”. The stands shook. There was complete unity between Ronaldo, his teammates and his fans. With this penalty, he also became the first player in history to score at least one goal in five men’s World Cups.

One goal. Record. Victory. Player of the match title.

There is no worse day at the office.

And a welcome condescension to former Manchester United bosses who no longer believe in him.

letter F

Canada’s head coach John Herdman said on television after losing to Belgium: “Now we go to EFFE Croatia!” »


Canada Coach John Herdman

Finally, Faisander did not consider the verb. Neither to congratulate, nor to humiliate nor to surprise. He was thinking exactly what you and I were thinking. His words did not go unnoticed by Croatian journalists who descended on his training in the suburbs of Doha, Canada.

“He was not very respectful towards the Croatian people and the Croatian national team,” admitted Herdman. “With all due respect to the Croats, that’s the mentality we have to score three points at the end of the day.” [une victoire] against one of the best teams in the world. »

His first expression was frank, honest, but also clumsy. Let’s be frank, Croatian players have heard much ruder things in their lives. But you can bet your mortgage and the next three generations of your descendants that Herdman’s words will be underlined in fluorescent yellow pen and pasted all over the walls of the Croatian dressing room. There’s nothing like kerosene to keep the flame going.

John Herdman’s qualifications have flaws. Every national team player I talked to told me about their motivational skills. “He’s an outstanding speaker,” Alistair Johnston once told me. When you walk out of a meeting with him, if he asks you to kick a wall, you kick it. He can set goals and persuade everyone to take the same path. And it conveys it in a way that you want to fight for it. »

Samuel Piette thinks the same. “Ill of their speech, he explained it to me a few weeks ago. This man is so believable. He can get us a deal with anyone. Even if we’re playing against Belize or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, once he’s finished speaking, it feels like walking through a wall for him. It’s hard to explain. You have to live to see. »

Without a doubt, John Herdman knows how to motivate his troops. He knows how to cheer them up, to unite them, to unite them. This is what he did to change the mood by using the letter F in the locker room after the defeat to Belgium.

I am a columnist. I will never, ever complain about the frankness of a coach or equipment officer. But I doubt that Herdman’s statement serves the interests of his team well.

Source From: Google News

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