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A donation to help spread the culture

Culturally YoursWhat a story! From the creator’s blog cecile desbrun, during her film education at university, she has come a long way from 2015 to her webzine conversion, to volunteer editors. Meanwhile, 1901 association law created in order to improve the webzine. A big THANK YOU to you who are always more for reading us.

Do you want this beautiful adventure to stop? Of course not ! But for road movie cultural continuation, Culturally Love needs you. By making a one-time or regular 1 donation according to your possibilitiesyou join:

  • pay the costs of hosting and operating the site (more than €350 per year only for hosting the site and paying for the plugins used);
  • independently develop great content, articles or videos;
  • fair remuneration of its editors;
  • financing of projects supported by the association and its members.

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The editorial staff of Culturellement Vôtre are also located in the territory of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. to notify you of the publication of our new articles, to communicate with readers and also to keep you up to date with cultural news. Of course, follow us! Unless you choose to protect your precious attention by avoiding social networks…

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