Maeva Ghennam in anger: Going crazy in the middle of the airport

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by vanessa

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– Posted November 24, 2022 at 22:48

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Maeva Ghennam got angry with a flight attendant after she missed her flight. The video was shot too! All the details are here.

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As soon as the filming of The Cross was over, Maeva Ghennam did not immediately return to Dubai. She took the direction of France, where she will shoot the new season of Dressing Vip by Maeva Ghennam. In this process, she also participated in the shooting of the movie. Deguns 2. And it was time for Maeva Ghennam to finally return to Dubai, where she couldn’t wait to find her dogs and home. But the thing is, he missed his flight Wednesday, November 23, 2022! While waiting for her to board the plane, Maeva Ghennam went shopping at the Paris airport and completely forgot about the time. Therefore, he was not allowed to board.

She expressed herself in tears on her social networks as follows: “I’m going crazy I missed my flight and no flights until tomorrow. I will still struggle with all my luggage and everything. They didn’t even call me on the phone. Usually when I’m late they call me on the phone or call me on the intercom and then don’t call. There, it’s too late, the plane is about to take off. I can not stand anymore. I swear I’m sick of it, I feel like I’ll never get home to Dubai. And there is a flight to Doha. Where is Doha? I don’t even know where you are. »

“I hope it wasn’t taken”

And in this story, Maeva Ghennam forgets to mention her expressed anger towards the flight attendant who wouldn’t let her on the plane! A moment captured on camera by a passenger and posted online. The young woman then said: I scared. I got really angry with them. I was crying, shouting. I was hysterical at the airport. I hope it wasn’t filmed. I don’t want to make another bad buzz. » Missed once… The video has been shared many times on social networks!

Source From: Google News

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