Petanque players and blood donors came together for the same cause at Belvèze-du-Razès

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As the need is so great, donating blood is an important gesture and we know that this voluntary and generous approach saves thousands of lives in France every year. We know that the voluntary blood donors association in Razès regularly organizes blood donations in different villages, constantly increasing calls for generosity and making it a priority to raise awareness and encourage blood donation. While there is a lot of awareness work to do, especially with young people, some have good ideas for encouraging and triggering the donation reflex.

A partnership for generosity

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This is how the association of blood donors from Razès proposed to the Pétanque club Mazerolles-Belvèze to create a partnership agreement to promote blood donation. This agreement was jointly signed by Joël Sanchez, president of the Blood Donors Association, and Kévin Albrus, president of Pétanque club Mazerolles-Belveze, during a collection held in the town at the beginning of November. This agreement states that Amicale undertakes to notify its partner of all organizations it has founded and to announce its participation in the media. Meanwhile, the partner is committed to informing and motivating its members to actively participate in events, vendettas. etc. which will be held annually by Amicale. An initiative that will undoubtedly bear fruit in future meetings.

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A little reminder of the next collections for 2023 : Tuesday, January 24 in Malvies, Tuesday, April 4 in BrugairollesThursday, August 17 in Escueillens and Thursday, October 26 In Belvèze-du-Razes.

Those who wish can also donate plasma or platelets by making an appointment with the Carcassonne Transfusion Center (04). 68 10 22 00). Don’t be afraid to take the life-saving move.

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