Contract Between Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier and Action Logement Immobilier | Lyon Pole Immo

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Emmanuel Hermsdorff, Managing Director of Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier and Koumaran Pajaniradja, Managing Director of Action Logement Immobilier (DR)

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Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier and Action Logement Immobilier are committed to developing housing programs for employees.

Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier and Action Logement Immobilier signed a cooperation agreement to expand and strengthen their actions in the field of construction and development. This signature was made on the occasion of the mayors and local governments fair on Wednesday, November 23. Emmanuel Hermsdorff, managing director of Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier, and the Action Logement group were represented by Koumaran Pajaniradja, managing director of Action Logement Immobilier.

Operational partnership to support local development policies

Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier and Action Logement Immobilier will tackle the increasing complexity of access, combining their expertise and capacity to develop sustainable housing programs that specifically benefit salaried households and support the dynamics of regions and local communities. land for real estate players due to legitimate restrictions on the environmental impact of construction.

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Coming soon modification number 4 of PLU-H

voidFollowing the adoption of Amendment 3 of the local town planning and housing plan voted on Monday, the Metropolis of Lyon is aiming for Amendment 4 in the coming months, as approved by Bruno Bernard.

PDAs, an innovation introduced in modification 3 of the PLU-H

“Restricted circles of the environment” were introduced in favor of modification 3 of the PLU-H. These allow you to set a radius of 500 meters around a historical monument.

Second phase of Action Coeur de Ville launched

The Minister for Ecological Transition and Regional Adaptation and the Delegate of the Minister for Local Government announced the launch of the “Heart of the City 2 action” on Monday. With the key 5 billion euros in 5 years.

unknown place for public works”>2023, unknown place for public works

unknown place for public works”>

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional public works federation held a press conference last week to assess 2022 and discuss the coming months.

Change number 3 of PLU-H in the Metropolitan Municipality menu

The Metropolitan of Lyon must approve, during the Council this Monday, the amendment of its local urban planning and living space plan. This aims to adapt the document to various topics such as ecological transition, housing and project support.

Project call initiated by Métropole for PENAP regions

Métropole is launching a project call to increase agricultural activities and develop areas in these areas.

“Cités Tase”, a large-scale rehabilitation east of Carré de Soie

Having held Cités Tase since 1983, Sollar began work on this complex in April. It’s a long-term rehabilitation operation that must be completed within two years.

City Heart Action: 5 billion euros in five years

The minister for local authorities said on Friday that the commitments have been fulfilled.

City of Lyon presents Kennedy block redevelopment

The mayor of the 8th district, Olivier Berzane, presented one of the largest projects of the current municipality of Lyon to be developed in his district.

“We want the village to stay in harmony”

Gérard Berrucaz is the mayor of Fleurieu-sur-Saône. We talk with him about the operation “Le Contrechamps” and the development of its commune.

Villeurbanne: two workshops for the PUP Mansard

Workshops on this urban partnership project, located between Mansard, Louis-Adam, Dedieu and Anatole-France streets, will be held on 15 October and 8 November.

Lyon Perrache: BASE appointed as project manager for public spaces

The landscape designer and partners were appointed as new project managers for the public spaces of the multimodal exchange centre.

Future SCOT discussed in October through consultation meetings

This Monday, Sepal invited residents to take the floor to express their desire for the future of their environment. There will be 5 more meetings this month, one in Lyon this Tuesday.

Transformation of Perrache exchange center: deal signed

voidThe Metropolis of Lyon reported on Friday that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Apsys and Quartus to transform the Lyon Perrache exchange centre.

Lyon peninsula: local community meetings on the appeasement project

Local community meetings will be held throughout the month in the 1st and 2nd districts of Lyon.

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