Employment: GBH and E2CR join forces for a new docking device

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The GBH group and the 2nd chance school, accompanied by the Pôle Emploi and GEM formation organizations, announce the start of the “Tremplin pour l’emploi E2CR-GBH” programs. A new initiative to assist professional integration in Reunion. It’s about education, diploma and contract within the trade giant.

Press release:

La Réunion 2nd Chance School and GBH are launching the “TREMPLIN POUR L’EMPLOI E2CR – GBH” programme, shaped by the signing of an agreement between the two partners. This initiative reflects the shared desire of Reunion to act in favor of the professional integration of youth away from employment. Pôle Emploi Réunion and the GEM formation organization integrate this innovative system. The four partners join forces and formalize their commitments by signing a partnership charter launching the recruitment campaign for 15 future apprentices. After 16 months of work-training, the approved training results in a permanent contract at one of GBH’s subsidiaries.

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GBH, a key player in employment in overseas departments and regions, announces the “TREMPLIN POUR L’EMPLOI” solidarity program, which brings together all the Group’s solidarity education actions in each region for the professional integration of people away from employment. The actions that form part of this “TREMPLIN POUR L’EMPLOI” program respond to four principles: promoting the acquisition of skills through education, leading to a diploma, allowing access to employment with GBH and linking local partners investing in the field of professional integration.

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In this context, GBH is launching its first action in Réunion with the 2nd chance school “TREMPLIN POUR L’EMPLOI E2CR – GBH” in partnership with Pôle emploi and the GEM Formation organization.

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This program is part of the need to recruit professionals in the retail industry, an industry that offers real career opportunities. “We are having difficulty recruiting in the distribution trades. There is often a mismatch between profiles related to our business needs. With this program, we will participate throughout training in acquiring the skills, know-how and interpersonal skills of our future recruits,” explains Michel Lapeyre, GBH Indian Ocean Director.

A course based on each partner’s strengths

E2C Reunion and GBH rely on the know-how of Pôle emploi Réunion to recruit 15 candidates, after the initial selection, through methods adapted to the relevant public.

Pôle emploi Réunion expands all intensive support systems and mobilizes its advisors dedicated to supporting young people in their employment contracts. Its consultants will take care to secure the public’s position on this innovative device to make it a smooth path towards commercial employment. “Supporting job seekers in their job search and responding to companies’ recruitment needs is our priority.

Our strength is to be at the center of the relationship between these two audiences. Angélique Goodall, Regional Director of Pôle emploi Réunion, this partnership between the economic, corporate and relational world reveals a great synergy and, above all, a tremendous demonstration of our ability to know how to combine our expertise and capabilities.

Successful candidates integrate the E2C Réunion over a 5-month period and follow a refresher course in French, mathematics and computer science through a fun and manual pedagogy whose progression is differentiated and individualized with the acquisition of skills that adapt to everyone’s pace.

E2C Réunion will rely on the appetite of young people from recruitment to turn a passion into a profession. During this time, trainees become familiar with their future professional environment by completing multiple internships at GBH affiliates. Thanks to the identified aspirations for this job and in conjunction with the GBH group, this will pave the way for sustainable employment. “We were able to observe that young people from Reunion still face real challenges when recruiting by big brands where their hiring needs exist. Lack of qualification is one of the main reasons. At E2C, we believe the key to successful integration is to combine the needs of both the company and the youth. Also, this program designed and created with GBH fits perfectly into E2C’s DNA. It allows for a real second chance,” emphasizes E2C Réunion President Emmanuelle Deleflie.

A diploma program designed to promote the professional integration of young people aged 18 to 25 without permanent contractual qualifications

After their course at E2C Reunion, young people attend CARREFOUR, FNAC or SUPERCASH for a 12-month course in rotation with the GEM Formation organization. They acquire the necessary skills from recognized professionals to prepare them for the future profession of sales and cash registers. “Our goal is to make everyone who comes to us leave better,” says Olivier Darsanesing, Director of the CFA and Professionalization Center GEM formation.

The training leads to a BAC-recognized in-store Sales Consultant diploma and a permanent contract with a GBH subsidiary. “Our teams will be mobilized to support and train young people on the field. Each apprentice will be followed by a private tutor throughout their training. “Our commitment to young apprentices in our brands such as Amaury de la vigne, Carrefour, Fnac or Super cash is part of our DNA and also meets our recruitment expectations,” said GBH Indian Ocean Distribution Director, Amaury de la vigne.

This effective alternative system will allow young people to adapt to the offer offered by companies so that the training path will encourage the emergence of a realistic professional project. The profiles and skills of young people will therefore be particularly suited to the needs of companies.

individual follow-up

Throughout this challenging course, trainees are supported by a social reference from E2C Réunion. Beyond academic achievements, each learner is identified and eliminated by considering all dimensions and obstacles to their learning.

Therefore, integrating the “TREMPLIN POUR L’EMPLOI E2CR – GBH” program is a real opportunity for a young person, which allows him to take advantage of numerous resources for his professionalization.

Together and thanks to the proactive and sustainable commitment of the 4 partners, this pilot project was made possible.

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