St. Gallen – “I am ready to exchange dead mice for milk or cider” – 20 Minutes

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PostedJanuary 20, 2022, 11:16 am

In the Wil region, mice are swarming. Courses to capture them are organized for the great pleasure of farmers.

Mouse holes are listed first before the hunt begins.

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In 2021, in the region of Wil (SG), rodents multiplied causing damage to farms. They attack the meadows, dig holes which damage the mowing machines. In addition, the critters contaminate the fodder, which is detrimental to the welfare of livestock.

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To remedy this, only one solution: hunt them down. But this activity is time-consuming and many farmers do not have time to devote to it. The Agricultural Center of St. Gallen now offers mouse hunting courses. “For people who like to spend time in nature and get some exercise, mouse hunting is a good solution,” says Daniela Paul, a specialist at the agricultural center.

According to her, many farmers are happy with this support and are even willing to give something back. “I’m willing to trade dead mice for milk or cider, or pay a certain amount per mouse,” says farmer Markus Brunner. In the last century, it was the municipalities, in French-speaking Switzerland in particular, which offered a few centimes if they were brought the tail or the head of a field mouse.

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