Basel – The PS becomes the laughing stock of the web for having “gendered” primates – 20 Minutes

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PostedFebruary 3, 2022, 09:58

The Basel section of the party speaks of “Primat:innen” (German-speaking form of the epicene writing) on ​​a poster in favor of a cantonal initiative wishing to better protect monkeys by granting them fundamental rights. Something to make internet users laugh.

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PS Basel-City

The organization “Sentience” has launched a cantonal initiative wishing to grant fundamental rights to primates. The text provides that they can benefit from a right to bodily and mental integrity. Thus, experiments as well as euthanasia would no longer be authorized. The inhabitants of Basle-City will express themselves on February 13 on this initiative.

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The text is notably supported by the Basel section of the PS. On a poster as well as in a press release published yesterday, the party uses the following slogan: “Ja zu Grundrechten für Primat:innen”, or “Yes to fundamental rights for primates and primates (in the feminine)”. Obviously, this commitment goes a little too far for some Internet users, among whom are also several politicians from other sides, who openly make fun of the Socialist Party.

Not a humanization of monkeys, according to the PS

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“Has the PS seriously just gendered primates?” asks Benjamin von Falkenstein, Young Liberal-Radical, on Twitter. “It only remains to wonder when the PS will accept the first primate on its electoral list,” mocks Daniel Seiler, elected PLR to the Grand Council.

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Lisa Mathys, co-president of the Basel-City PS, defends herself: “Among non-human primates, there are obviously males and females. So we use a term that does not exclude anyone.” According to her, the principle of epicene language is easy: it aims to include all genres. Suddenly, believes Lisa Mathys, it is not exceptional to also apply it to animals. “I don’t think we can speak of a humanization,” she nevertheless wishes to underline.

A “classic trap”

An opinion that is not shared by Adrian Baumeyer, curator at Basel Zoo. According to him, the PS fell into a “classic trap” by transferring human conventions to animals. “It is dangerous because it also involves human demands on animals. Requirements that are then evaluated according to human criteria.”

Thus, reminds Adrian Baumeyer, gender itself is also a human category. Just as gender differentiation is a human need, he believes. Applying a gender, continues Adrian Baumeyer, would also lead to transposing human sexual behavior to animals. “In humans, sexual behavior is socially constructed. However, in chimpanzees, for example, couples do not exist and copulation fulfills only a reproductive function.

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