Energy prices – Asloca wants to reduce heating by 2 degrees to reduce bill – 20 minutes

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SentMarch 31, 2022 at 22:35

Asloca is reacting to the rise in oil and gas prices and wants to push for the establishment of allowances. It calls for a campaign to reduce consumption.

Price is not the only factor, consumption plays an even bigger role.

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“You can live in lower temperatures, but not below comfort.” Carlo Sommaruga (PS / GE), president of Asloca and adviser to States, confirms that one of the solutions in the medium term is to lower the bill for Swiss tenants in the face of rising prices of fossil fuels. The war in Ukraine is to act on consumption. The Swiss tenants’ advocacy association, in the words of its Geneva elected official, released a set of proposals to tackle “fuel poverty” on Thursday.

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One of the proposed solutions is to reduce the temperature in the apartments by 2 degrees, which according to the calculations published by Asloca means an energy saving of 12%. How can we achieve this in practice? Carlo Sommaruga states that it is not a question of turning off all the radiators in Switzerland overnight, but of giving impetus to an awareness campaign conducted by the authorities for behavior change at the national level.

The states counsel ensures that tenants, landlords and all relevant actors must work together to resolve the issue. “Doing this abruptly without notice to tenants should be avoided.” It is therefore out of the question to repeat the experience of the City of Geneva, which lowers the temperature of its dwellings without warning its residents.

The most urgent: an allowance

Asloca is concerned about the increase in wages this summer, the annual accounting period is usually calculated from June to July of the following year. In the worst case, and with the price of fuel doubling, the heating bill could rise by 1,200 francs, or about 300 francs per household, in “a small building with four badly insulated flats,” according to an estimate by the association. . . .

The challenge for Carlo Sommaruga is “preventing people from finding themselves homeless”. That’s why Asloca wants to quickly start a debate on an energy allowance ranging from 200 to 400 francs in favor of lower incomes to compensate for the increased costs.

Asloca’s demands should soon enter the pages of the political agenda in Bern. Carlo Sommaruga is counting on Parliament’s next session in June, with parliamentary intervention by him and his allies on this issue. The elected official hopes that the awareness campaign aimed at reducing household energy consumption can be launched next winter.

Olivier Feller, general secretary and national assembly member (PLR) of the Romande Real Estate Federation (FRI), feels that an awareness campaign is not necessary. “We can, but people realize that the less they consume, the less they pay. I doubt a Confederate campaign would have any effect. And if it does, it shouldn’t just focus on heating, because you also have to factor in the time you spend, for example, traveling or in the shower. On a 2-degree drop to cut bills, Olivier Feller doesn’t think tenants will agree. “What is the allowable temperature? she is wondering. Twenty degrees is already relatively low, we go to 18… Every resident must make his choice. As a result, he believes, given the current energy supply situation, “perhaps we will have to reduce our consumption because energy will simply run out.”

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