Judgment proceeding against Truckers leaders as Pope Francis accepts Pablo Moyano

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Union leader travels to the Vatican with other unionists linked to transport

Pope Francis hails Truckers reference Pablo Moyano.  In the back, former Buenos Aires legislator Gustavo Vera (@cgt_camioneros)
Pope Francis hails Truckers reference Pablo Moyano. In the back, former Buenos Aires legislator Gustavo Vera (@cgt_camioneros)

As the judicial process continues for blocking a company against the five leaders of the truckers, One of the guild leaders, Pablo Moyano, was received by Pope Francis at the Vatican yesterday. With union leaders from the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) and the International Industry Federation (ITF).

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As reported, trade unionists attended a debate day led by the Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo and former Buenos Aires legislator Gustavo Vera on the problem of world transport, working conditions, human trafficking and combating climate change, among other issues. The archbishop also took John Paul Brey Air Navigators and Sergio Sasia Banking, among others.

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Also, Moyano of Rome approved the mobilization of the CGT from the Obelisk to Congress for the next 17 August, rejecting “speculators and price makers”. “The raising of food prices for citizens needs to be stopped immediately, so the 17th mobilization will be massive and with a clear slogan: Enough for the corporate theft of the Argentine dinner plate,” he said.

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This is the third time Pope Francis gets the Truckers reference in the Vatican. The first meeting took place in May 2015. According to the union, it was a private meeting at its Santa Marta headquarters where “the importance of union unity and the labor movement as the main social actor” was discussed.

The second took place in November 2017, a few days after Together for Change’s legislative election victory. On this occasion, Moyano told Jorge Bergoglio that he would “fight against job reform” promoted by then-President Mauricio Macri.

Paul Moyano
Paul Moyano

Yesterday’s meeting was also framed by judicial progress against five union leaders: Judge Fernando Caunedo decided Tuesday morning to sue for attempted extortion. a Omar “The Tornado” Perez, Union Secretary of Transport Policy and Union Secretary of the Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT), one man key code In the structure of Hugo Moyano; a Omar Dutra, Union’s Logistics Secretary; Already Diego Emanuel Coria, Jorge Fabian Aguirre Y Matias Ezequiel Paz.

If the court action with most block Indictment against the Villa Soldati warehouse of the Andar Transportadora de Trenque Lauquen company by 15 union representatives debt With the Truck Drivers Union for Justice “There is no element that allows to legitimize legitimacy.”

The request for a hearing and the aggravation of the charge was made by the prosecutor earlier this week. Ignatius Mahiques he considered this in his presentation before the judge “All the defendants should be recognized as co-authors of the case under investigation, because with their contributions they contributed to the realization of the joint plan to deprive the company of a portion of its assets solely for the unlawful interests of the Truck Drivers Syndicate.” And I add: “Some implemented the blockade, while others, particularly Dutrá and Pérez, demanded that Castell hand over the money.”

Alexander Castel is he owner walking carrier, A family SME with a lawyer and dedicated to freight transport since 2001 Florence Arietto, Specialist in combating union blockades. part of both Anti-Blockade Business Movement (MEAB) headed by veronica Razzini, A businesswoman threatened by the Santa Fe Teamsters Union and blocking two of her firm’s buildings 90 days with What The authors were arrested and charged.

For Mahiques, illegitimate Debt requested from Castell, It was found that there were no records in the National Ministries of Labor and in the Province of Buenos Aires, defendants co-authors of attempted extortion crime Prohibited by the Penal Code from 5 to 10 years in prison. “Even if the alleged debt exists, the truth is that this did not allow them to force payments under the threat of paralyzing transportation” the prosecutor stated.

Source: Info Bae

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