The Senate has 5,175 employees and will spend more than $23.7 billion on salaries this year

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The figure includes salaries of 72 senators starting at $350,000. Expenditure on personnel of political blocs

Despite the economic crisis, societal demand to reduce political spending, and few laws passed in the last two and a half years, Today the Senate has 5,175 people employed under different methods in all their dependencies. 390 less than the total in November 2019, before Cristina Kirchner assumed the presidency of the Upper House.

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The calculation is due to the analysis performed by Infobae Data Unit On staff lists published on the Senate’s official website. Official data ranges from employees working for each senator and different political bloc, to staff of commissions, different directorates, secretariats and administrative areas.

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If the salaries of these workers are added to the salaries of senators and upper house political officials, the estimated total expenditure on personnel for 2022 is $23.7 billion. Of the total budget projected by the Agency’s Executive Secretariat for this year, 91% has yet to be approved as the 2021 budget has been extended with the current $17.2 billion loan.

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The highest salaries are for senators: they receive salaries starting at $350,000 gross, but to that figure must be added an additional $100,000 in representation costs and the uprooting plus for the inner-country majority, as the official noted. Web site.

Each senator who comes to the Legislature has 7,338 modules to appoint their own staff, which is the equivalent of $2.3 million per month. Able to distribute at their discretion to hire assistants and advisors among the highest A-1 categories, with a gross salary starting at $200,000, not taking into account any attachments such as a college degree or seniority; and the lowest is A-14.

Provincial representatives can also choose. hire staff under the service location method for six months whose fee is “discounted” from the available currency equivalent to the assigned modules. Added to this budget pack permanent staff who are “inherited” and that they are not consumed by the number of modules they receive.

F CEO Noel Alonso MurrayFoundation Legislation Guide warned that “not all senators have the same set amount.” And “it depends on some variables, for example whether it is a block authority or a Commission chairman,” he said. So every senator can come up with his own plan.

block discussion

Different political blocs also have their own staff, who are responsible for the legislative and administrative duties of senators of a political power, such as those appointed to a particular office.

The Radical Civil Union block is the block with the most employees: 56 active contracts, 31 in a permanent factory and 25 in a temporary factory. Thus, the main opposition bank adds $7.6 million per month to salaries. . However, according to information from the current Administrative Secretariat, that number had risen to 117 employees when Cristina Kirchner took over the presidency of the Senate at the end of 2019. Earlier this year, Kirchnerism’s decision was to cut more than 40 contracts from the main opposition bloc.

The explanations differ according to the referenced sources. Said from the UCR counter information He said that about thirty permanent factory workers working on the block “have been coming for many years.” And they added: “They monitor and scrutinize the work in the commissions for all senators of the bloc, working with a collective vision.”

Driven by radicalism, they described the decision to lay off more than 40 temporary factory workers as a “political retaliation” for Cristina Kirchner’s questioning the legality of quorum as it was discussed at the last session of 2021 on the Personal Assets tax.

However, they excluded political intent in the ruling party. “The discharged didn’t show up for work,” they told Infobae. They also said they had warned the main opposition bloc that it was “too large” and needed to “regulate” the situation, without a concrete response from UCR officials.

K block employees

The crossfire continued. “It is not possible for the party that has run ‘La Casa’ since 1983 to have so few employees and advisers in the bloc,” they said from the UCR. And they finished: “I had 57 employees in December, and now they’ve obviously disappeared. And they didn’t fire them, but hid them in different administrative directions.”

In Front of Everyone 57 employees denied that number was accurate. According to the staff list published on the official site last year – which information then he was discharged – the employees of the pro-government committee were 19. Administrative Secretariat – responsible Maria Luz Alonso Cristina Kirchner’s right hand informed this media currently block staff add 15 employees 10 are temporary and 5 are permanent. The difference – they stated – comes from the fact that two of them are discharged and the other two go to the Ceremonial and Protocol sub-directory.

María Luz Alonso, current executive secretary of the Senate and former national aide of La Pampa
María Luz Alonso, current executive secretary of the Senate and former national aide of La Pampa

In the current executive secretariat environment, they argued, the low number of staff assigned to the Frente de Todos bloc today was due to the “hardness of the current administration”, with most of the senators having a previous political structure. provinces, with governors who are also from the ruling party.

The second minority block held by PRO has 27 employees. 16 permanent plants and 11 temporary.

Only parliamentary blocs do not have the ability to appoint or recruit staff. Moreover committee appointments are sought by many senators , especially those who preside over these spaces for preliminary thematic discussion before projects arrive at the venue. The commissions with the most employees are the Bicameral Audit Committees (23), the Education and Culture (21) and the Bicameral Intelligence Agency Audit Committees (19).

Senate X-Ray

Of the total 5,175 employees the Senate has today, half make up the permanent factory. enabling them to continue in their duties indefinitely, Beyond legislative renewals. At most, they may have to change places of work within the Palace, as it is usual for them to go from one office of the same political sign or the same state to another. In political jargon, what are known as the “political strata” from which senators leave when they leave, where they negotiate some of their appointees to move to the floor, which guarantees them job stability.

Another 40% are temporary factory workers who must leave the Chamber when the legislators who appointed them complete their term, but this does not happen in many cases. There are even those who have worked in this state for more than twenty years. Advocates of employee retention beyond each senator’s term emphasize that this allows for the benefit of the legislative experience of those who have served previously in the Senate.

In addition to all factory employees, Upper House has 528 people with service location contracts that typically renew semi-annually. , as reported information Senate Administrative Secretariat.

Cristina Kirchner is running one of the sessions in the Senate (Luciano González)
Cristina Kirchner is running one of the sessions in the Senate (Luciano González)

knowledge gaps

In the information on the Senate website, there is information in which office or region each temporary or permanent factory employee works, The same does not happen with the contracted employees who are not certain in which region or office they work. . Prior to this information being requested by Infobae, they assured the Administrative Secretariat that this information would be available. online Coming soon.

between information posted on the internet It is noteworthy that in the Senate only four employees of the Presidency were appointed. upon consultation information confirmed that the data is correct. The number does not include appointments of Upper House officials appointed by Cristina Kirchner, such as attorney Graciana Peñafort, Director of Legal Affairs.

How was the data processed?

Downloaded Infobae Datagram Senate Web repository staffing listsIn addition to permanent employees, there are different tabs that show the following. temporary and lease agreements. Also accessed current salary scale and to the Upper House’s 2022 budget. Also reviewed management reportsand the Senate Administrative Secretariat, sources from the current and previous administration were consulted.

Data from previous years were obtained using the tool Archive

If you want to view and/or download the spreadsheet with the corresponding tabs, follow these steps: this link

Data processing: Daniela Czibener

Data visualization: Andrés Snitcofsky

Data upload: Desire Santander

Source: Info Bae

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