60% are committed to maintaining dialogue with the central government

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53% do not believe espionage is justified, but only 34% ask for Sánchez’s dismissal

More than half of the citizens of Catalonia consider the espionage with the Pegasus computer program on personalities of the Catalan independence movement to be unjustified. However, 60% of those consulted by Ipsos believe that, despite everything, the Government should maintain its support for the Government of Spain and continue with the dialogue process. Only 16% are committed to withdrawing support for the Government and ending the dialogue process, and another 15% are inclined to temporarily suspend it

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The support of the different groups of voters for the dialogue process breaks the identity schemes, since it finds a high support both among some pro-independence voters (62% in the case of Esquerra voters), and among the electorate of the center and the right Spanishist (almost 50% among PP voters).

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Only 16%, mostly Junts, Vox and CUP voters, would end the dialogue and drop the Cabinet

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Logically, the process of dialogue and support for the continuity of the Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez are very high among the socialist or common electorate (almost 90%). And the paradox is that the highest levels of rejection are located at the extremes of the ideological or identity axis. Support for dialogue with Madrid falls to 30% among Junts voters, and 14% among CUP voters (with almost half against). But the figures are not very different among Vox voters: 20% in favor of dialogue and 43% against.

Even so, the evaluation of Catalangate is severe, although it also reveals the divisions that exist in Catalan society: 33% see espionage as justified if it has judicial authorization, and another 9% admit it in all cases. In total 42%. Of course, the division between supporters of independence and opponents of secession is very clear here, despite being colored by partisan loyalties.

Division: a third of Catalans admit espionage if they have the judge’s permission and another 9%, even if they don’t

Almost 60% of socialist voters see espionage justified with judicial authorization and another 6% without it. In total 64%. The support is even higher among the voters of the center and the right, although with nuances: 80% of Vox and PP voters support it (although 50% of them demand that it be with the permission of the judge).

In contrast, 80% of Esquerra voters, almost 90% of Junts and 96% of CUP reject any surveillance, even with judicial authorization. Of course, one in five ERC voters admits computer espionage, the same as one in three followers of the commons (always with the permission of the judge).

49%, and up to 80% of the secessionist electorate, demand the departure of Robles, compared to 42% who reject it

Likewise, half of Catalans believe that the Minister of Defense should resign due to the scandal, although that figure falls to 34% in the case of the Prime Minister. Those most in favor of the dismissal of Sánchez are the voters of Junts, Vox, the CUP and the PP, with percentages above 75% among anti-system voters and 60% among ultras.

Finally, no state political leader achieves the approval of the majority of Catalans and the one who comes closest is Pedro Sánchez (47%), although with 49% disapproval. The Spanish president is approved by almost 60% of ERC voters. They are followed by Yolanda Díaz (42%) and Iñigo Errejón (41%), although with lower rates of disapproval. The new popular leader, Núñez Feijóo obtains an approval close to 30%.

Source: Lavanguardia

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