“Win or die”: a minister explains to Front of All leaders a strong threat from militancy

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Gabriel Katopodis was surprised by the sentence he heard in his actions. It provoked the backlash from other members of the ruling party such as Oscar Parrilli and Fernando “Chino” Navarro.

(Gast+ on Taylor)
(Gast+ on Taylor)

Minister of Public Works and trusted leader of Alberto Fernández, Gabriel Catopodis He took the weekend by surprise by revealing a powerful statement conveyed to him by all Front militants at meetings held in different parts of the country.

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I had to be in many municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires, I walked in Catamarca, I was in Mendoza, I was in the Río Negro… Everywhere the message is clear: win or die. ”, assured Katopodis in dialogue with journalist Iván Schargrodsky. radius 10.

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And I add: “There isn’t a lot of feedback; They tell us “crazy, discuss what you want to discuss, we know that the Front has a political life and will continue to do so, but in the end, the only thing that is not allowed is to lose at 23”. ″.

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Typical for the barrabrava of football more than politics, the threat emerges amid strong political disagreements that have divided the All-Front’s political leadership and show voter fatigue with the fights.

In this sense, Katopodis said, members of the governing coalition should understand that, in the face of internal debate, considering a return to Casa Rosada is “emboldened macrosmo on the other side”.

Katopodis’s phrase “win or bite” caused amazement in other members of the Government. Official and social leader Fernando “Chino” Navarro said, “They’ve never told me that, but I know Gabriel quite a bit, he’s a capo and I don’t think he’s exaggerating.”

“They tell me to stop getting together, stop bullshit, solve problems, someone is pissing me off, like everyone else, I walk a lot on the street and I’m generally fine, but they recognized me as three blocks. Win or die I read this news and it shocked me because Gabriel He must be strong, not a child inventing,” he added. futurrock.

Oscar Parrilli, a senator close to Cristina Kirchner, was also surprised that the same radio station consulted him. “I will not argue with Katopodis, every power has a duty to win the elections, but we want to win so that the political project continues, neoliberalism does not return; “Our people want us to rule so that neoliberalism does not return,” he said.

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