Germany – UEFA wants to ban their “Mushrooms League” pizza

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PostedFebruary 2, 2022, 11:43

A German restaurant is having a big success with its “Champignons League” pizza. But UEFA has little taste for puns and is considering legal action.


They couldn’t have asked for better publicity. UEFA has just offered an unexpected platform to Pizza Wolke, a small pizzeria in the town of Giessen in Germany. In question: a pizza from their menu, named “Champignons League” and which looks a little too much like “Champions League” for the taste of the European body. According to the “Daily Mail”, UEFA is even considering legal action to ban the name of the now famous pizza.

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“Shortly before Christmas, we received a letter from UEFA stating that we were violating licensing rights and that we had to change the name of the pizza, explained Shadi Souri, founder Pizza Wolke, quoted by the German media “BILD». We also paid dearly for this protected mark. Why should we take them off the market? I didn’t want to give pizzas boring names, so my mushroom pizza is called “Mushrooms League.”

Instagram/ @pizza_wolke
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While waiting for the outcome of this case, Pizza Wolke is taking advantage of its huge publicity stunt, which (for now) costs it absolutely nothing. “Advertising by UEFA? Brilliant! Let’s see how far they will go. Buy all the most famous mushroom pizza,” concluded the boss.

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Source From: Google News

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