Tebas: “Reverter kidnapped Barcelona’s philosophy”

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The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has harshly criticized Ferran Reverter, until recently CEO of FC Barcelona, ​​for considering that he was decisively involved in the entity’s rejection of the CVC project promoted by the League. In addition, he expressed his wish that Kylian Mbappé ends up at Real Madrid in an interview with the newspaper ABC.

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Tebas assures that he speaks “from time to time with Joan (Laporta)”. Who, according to him, “was enthusiastic about the CVC project for 25 or 30 days” until he received a call. “There you understand that Barça has been kidnapped for a long time”. For the president of the employer’s association “Reverter kidnapped the philosophy of Barcelona. He was a man in close contact with Florentino. You see Barça that they can hardly even sign and that it will cost them a lot to get into the Champions League, and you see that their eternal rival is going to bring Mbappé, but they are not going to spend the 200 for him, and they still sign Haaland ”, he pointed.

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Despite this, he considers Reverter “a very good professional in terms of economic and numerical management. When he has already entered political and sports management, that is where he has led Barcelona down an aimless and absolutely wrong path”. According to Tebas, “if Florentino’s Superliga project succeeds, Barcelona will be called yes or yes, but what is he doing there now? Well, confront everyone and continue in a complicated economic and political situation, ”he said.

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In addition, he has revealed that the Barça team “has had to save a wage bill of 140 million players in this market. It is true that he has spent 55, but, when you calculate the 55, you don’t pay it all at once in January, you are going to pay it for five or six years and now he has paid ten. He has complied with the rules,” he explained.

Ferran Reverter

Regarding the possible signing of Mbappé by Real Madrid, Tebas has not hesitated to want it to happen. “I hope we are lucky enough that Real Madrid completes the operation. Mbappé will contribute a lot to Madrid… and to the League”. In addition, he explained that he prefers “Haaland at Barça and Mbappé at Madrid. I want us to go back to that luck we had that two great players were in the two best teams in the world, when Messi and Ronaldo. I’m more of a ‘leaguer’ than a madridista there”, he explained.

In addition, the president of the employers’ association has assured that “there will not be a World Cup every two years. What may happen is that Infantino will go down in history as the president who divided football into two confederations”, he has described as “null” his relationship with Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF and is “convinced” that the CVC operation “is legally correct” and will not be overturned in court.

Source: Lavanguardia

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