MotoGP: Will Marc Marquez, battered by injuries, stop it all? Responds with a video – Paddock GP

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We look forward to hearing from Marc Marquez, who on Monday will undergo a crucial medical examination for the remainder of his season and even the rest of his career. If his third diplopia, which has resurfaced after a new severe blow to the head after the horrific fall in Mandalika, continues, he will have to draw a line below Argentina this weekend. A week later, Austin is on the schedule. Marc Marquez injured a lot in Indonesia? Some are afraid of it. But the eight-time World Champion is responding with a bullying video on his social network…

To fully understand what life is Mark Marquez Since 2020 we must remember the facts. It all started in July 2020 at the Spanish Grand Prix, where he made a spectacular comeback and crashed at the end of a race where he dazzled with his talent. It is raised from the gravel pit. spanish wine with a broken arm that immobilized him for nine months. The 59-time MotoGP winner has had two shoulder surgeries, three arm surgeries, two bone grafts and a bone marrow infection.

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Marc Marquez supporter of “whatever it takes”

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To this should be added the three stages of double vision (diplopia) due to numerous falls over the past three and a half years since 2011. Two since the end of October 2021. Mark Marquez will be seen on a MotoGP machine this year or never again.

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a discussion with Mark Marquez aware. And to which the Honda official responded with this video: ” I’m doing this for fun“, he writes, taking the tube of Puerto Rican rapper Residente. The message is as short as it is clear: He does it because he loves it, he will do it again, no matter the cost, with all the possible consequences…

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