Boy fired from Toronto track for walking stick

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Toronto Maple Leaves

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A supporter of the Montreal Canadiens, young Hunter is not ready to forget his evening at ScotiaBank in Toronto. Indeed, while the young man was participating in the warm-up, he was struck in the face by a disc that offered him a treat. Nick Suzukihis idol.

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The actress decided to go to the other side of the scarecrow to apologize and present her walking stick as well as take a photo. Moved in, Hunter thought he was playing the best game of his life, but the Maple Leafs security department decided otherwise.

Indeed, the young man’s father posted on his “Twitter” account that they had to leave the ice rink before the start of the match, because the cane represented a weapon and was banned indoors. On the Maple Leafs side, we shouldn’t stop here as the guest director of the club’s owner MLSE has already contacted the young fan’s father for information.

#NickSuzuki #14Class Law @CanadiensMTL

Thanks Nick for taking a selfie and making sure Hunter is okay when he can’t catch the puck you threw at him😂Loves the stick, the disc signature and Fat Lip. A memory that will last a lifetime. I had to quit the game because the stick didn’t make a sound 🤣

— Steven Beauparlant (@SBeaups4) April 10, 2022

Source From: Google News

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